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what are the categories?

Wex currently employs two systems for categorizing entries:

  1. Genre-based categories classify entries as any or all of definitions, overviews, or backgrounders. All Wex documents should be assigned to one of the above categories (or, in the case of documents about Wex, the authoring help category).
  2. Subject-based categories classify entries into topical groups (see subject categories). Unlike the genre-based categorization scheme, the subject-based categorization scheme is evolving rapidly and may be adapted as needed.

how to assign articles to categories

To assign an entry to a category, select the category from the list of categories in the "wex" box.

Please assign each of your entries to at least one genre-based category by selecting "definition", "overview", or "backgrounder".

how to link to a category

To link to a category, add "category/" after "wex:", [[wex:category/category_name]].