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Admiralty: An Overview

Admiralty law or maritime law is the distinct body of law (both substantive and procedural) governing navigation and shipping. Topics associated with this field in legal reference works may include: shipping; navigation; waters;...


Agriculture: An Overview

Agriculture includes soil preparation, seed planting, crop harvesting, gardening, horticulture, viticulture, apiculture (bee-raising), dairying, poultry, and ranching. Generally, laws grouped under the heading "agricultural law...


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled Substances: An Overview

Health and other public concerns have generated detailed Federal and state regulation of the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and a wide range of other "controlled...

Alcoholic beverages - State statutes

Alabama- Title 28 Alaska- Title 4 Arizona- Title 4 Arkansas- Title 3 California (see Division 10) Colorado- Article 12, Title 47 (searchable index) Connecticut- Title 30 Delaware- Title 4 District of Columbia- Title 25 Florida- Title 34 Georgia- Title 3...


Aviation: An Overview

Aviation law governs the operation of aircraft and the maintenance of aviation facilities. Both federal and state governments have enacted statutes and created administrative agencies to regulate air traffic.

Using its...


banking: an overview

Banks and bank accounts are regulated by both state and federal statutes. Bank accounts may be established by national and state chartered banks and savings associations. All are regulated by the law under which they were...

Code of Federal Regulations

See Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


communications law: an overview

Communications law is concerned with the regulation of radio and TV broadcasting to ensure satisfactory service and to prevent chaos. The federal government has largely governed broadcasting because by its nature...


Energy Law: An Overview

For most of American history, the federal government did not play an active role in the energy industries. (This history is often explained by the widespread belief in the unlimited supply of energy). During the Great Depression...

Fishing and hunting - State statutes

Alabama- Title 9, Chapter 11 Alaska- Title 16 Arizona- Title 17 Arkansas (see Title 15, Subtitle 4) California Colorado (see Title 33, Articles 1 through 8) Connecticut- Title 26 Delaware- Title 7, see Chapters 1, 7, and 13 Florida (see...