H1-B Visa

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A H1-B visa is a three year visa issued by the U.S. government.  It allows a citizen from a foreign country to enter and stay in the United States to work in a specific specialized job.  The foreign citizen must be sponsored by her employer in order to stay in the United States under an H1-B visa.  If her employment status changes, her visa may no longer be valid unless it is transferred to a new qualifying employer.  The H1-B visa is only issued to those with a minimum of a bachelor's degree.  The position in which they are employed also must require a bachelor's degree.  The number of annual H1-B visas issued is capped by congress.  Due to the greater demand for H1-B visas than the supply of H1-B visas available after the cap, each year there is a lottery to determine which foreign citizens will receive the visas.