10 CFR § 71.51 - Additional requirements for Type B packages.

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§ 71.51 Additional requirements for Type B packages.

(a) A Type B package, in addition to satisfying the requirements of §§ 71.41 through 71.47, must be designed, constructed, and prepared for shipment so that under the tests specified in:

(1) Section 71.71 (“Normal conditions of transport”), there would be no loss or dispersal of radioactive contents—as demonstrated to a sensitivity of 10−6 A2 per hour, no significant increase in external surface radiation levels, and no substantial reduction in the effectiveness of the packaging; and

(2) Section 71.73 (“Hypothetical accident conditions”), there would be no escape of krypton-85 exceeding 10 A2 in 1 week, no escape of other radioactive material exceeding a total amount A2 in 1 week, and no external radiation dose rate exceeding 10 mSv/h (1 rem/h) at 1 m (40 in) from the external surface of the package.

(b) Where mixtures of different radionuclides are present, the provisions of appendix A, paragraph IV of this part shall apply, except that for Krypton-85, an effective A2 value equal to 10 A2 may be used.

(c) Compliance with the permitted activity release limits of paragraph (a) of this section may not depend on filters or on a mechanical cooling system.

(d) For packages which contain radioactive contents with activity greater than 10 5 A2, the requirements of § 71.61 must be met.

[60 FR 50264, Sept. 28, 1995, as amended at 69 FR 3794, Jan. 26, 2004; 69 FR 58039, Sept. 29, 2004]