17 CFR 240.13e-102 - Schedule 13E-4F. Tender offer statement pursuant to section 13(e) (1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and § 240.13e-4 thereunder.

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§ 240.13e-102 Schedule 13E-4F. Tender offer statement pursuant to section 13(e) (1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and § 240.13e-4 thereunder.
Securities and Exchange Commission
Washington, DC 20549
Schedule 13E-4F
Issuer Tender Offer Statement Pursuant to Section 13(e)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
[Amendment No. __]

(Exact name of Issuer as specified in its charter)

(Translation of Issuer's Name into English (if applicable))

(Jurisdiction of Issuer's Incorporation or Organization)

(Name(s) of Person(s) Filing Statement)

(Title of Class of Securities)

(CUSIP Number of Class of Securities) (if applicable)

(Name, address (including zip code) and telephone number (including area code) of person authorized to receive notices and communications on behalf of the person(s) filing statement)

(Date tender offer first published, sent or given to securityholders)

Calculation of Filing Fee *
Transaction Valuation
Amount of Filing Fee

* Set forth the amount on which the filing fee is calculated and state how it was determined. See General Instruction II. C. for rules governing the calculation of the filing fee.

[ ] Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Rule 0-11(a)(2) and identify the filing with which the offsetting fee was previously paid. Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date of its filing.

Amount Previously Paid: ____

Registration No.: ____

Filing Party:

Form: ____ Date Filed: ____

General Instructions
I. Eligibility Requirements for Use of Schedule 13E-4F

A. Schedule 13E-4F may be used by any foreign private issuer if: (1) The issuer is incorporated or organized under the laws of Canada or any Canadian province or territory; (2) the issuer is making a cash tender or exchange offer for the issuer's own securities; and (3) less than 40 percent of the class of such issuer's securities outstanding that is the subject of the tender offer is held by U.S. holders. The calculation of securities held by U.S. holders shall be made as of the end of the issuer's last quarter or, if such quarter terminated within 60 days of the filing date, as of the end of the issuer's preceding quarter.


1. For purposes of this Schedule, “foreign private issuer” shall be construed in accordance with Rule 405 under the Securities Act.

2. For purposes of this Schedule, the term “U.S. holder” shall mean any person whose address appears on the records of the issuer, any voting trustee, any depositary, any share transfer agent or any person acting in a similar capacity on behalf of the issuer as being located in the United States.

3. If this Schedule is filed during the pendency of one or more ongoing cash tender or exchange offers for securities of the class subject to this offer that was commenced or was eligible to be commenced on Schedule 14D-1F and/or Form F-8 or Form F-80, the date for calculation of U.S. ownership for purposes of this Schedule shall be the same as that date used by the initial bidder or issuer.

4. For purposes of this Schedule, the class of subject securities shall not include any securities that may be converted into or are exchangeable for the subject securities.

B. Any issuer using this Schedule must extend the cash tender or exchange offer to U.S. holders of the class of securities subject to the offer upon terms and conditions not less favorable than those extended to any other holder of the same class of such securities, and must comply with the requirements of any Canadian federal, provincial and/or territorial law, regulation or policy relating to the terms and conditions of the offer.

C. This Schedule shall not be used if the issuer is an investment company registered or required to be registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

II. Filing Instructions and Fees

A.(1) The issuer must file this Schedule and any amendment to the Schedule (see Part I, Item 1.(b)), including all exhibits and other documents filed as part of the Schedule or amendment, in electronic format via the Commission's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system in accordance with the EDGAR rules set forth in Regulation S-T ( 17 CFR Part 232). For assistance with technical questions about EDGAR or to request an access code, call the EDGAR Filer Support Office at (202) 551-8900. For assistance with the EDGAR rules, call the Office of EDGAR and Information Analysis at (202) 551-3610.

(2) If filing the Schedule in paper under a hardship exemption in 17 CFR 232.201 or 232.202 of Regulation S-T, or as otherwise permitted, the issuer must file with the Commission at its principal office five copies of the complete Schedule and any amendment, including exhibits and all other documents filed as a part of the Schedule or amendment. The issuer must bind, staple or otherwise compile each copy in one or more parts without stiff covers. The issuer must further bind the Schedule or amendment on the side or stitching margin in a manner that leaves the reading matter legible. The issuer must provide three additional copies of the Schedule or amendment without exhibits to the Commission.

B. An electronic filer must provide the signatures required for the Schedule or amendment in accordance with 17 CFR 232.302 of Regulation S-T. An issuer filing in paper must have the original and at least one copy of the Schedule and any amendment signed in accordance with Exchange Act Rule 12b-11(d) ( 17 CFR 12b-11(d)) by the persons whose signatures are required for this Schedule or amendment. The issuer must also conform the unsigned copies.

C. At the time of filing this Schedule with the Commission, the issuer shall pay to the Commission in accordance with Rule 0-11 of the Exchange Act, a fee in U.S. dollars in the amount prescribed by section 13(e)(3) of the Exchange Act. See also Rule 0-9 of the Exchange Act.

(1) The value of the securities to be acquired solely for cash shall be the amount of cash to be paid for them, calculated into U.S. dollars.

(2) The value of the securities to be acquired with securities or other non-cash consideration, whether or not in combination with a cash payment for the same securities, shall be based on the market value of the securities to be acquired by the issuer as established in accordance with paragraph (3) of this section.

(3) When the fee is based upon the market value of the securities, such market value shall be established by either the average of the high and low prices reported on the consolidated reporting system (for exchange-traded securities and last sale reported for over-the-counter securities) or the average of the bid and asked price (for other over-the-counter securities) as of a specified date within 5 business days prior to the date of filing the Schedule. If there is no market for the securities to be acquired by the issuer, the value shall be based upon the book value of such securities computed as of the latest practicable date prior to the date of filing of the Schedule, unless the issuer of the securities is in bankruptcy or receivership or has an accumulated capital deficit, in which case one-third of the principal amount, par value or stated value of such securities shall be used.

D. If at any time after the initial payment of the fee the aggregate consideration offered is increased, an additional filing fee based upon such increase shall be paid with the required amended filing.

E. The issuer must file the Schedule or amendment in electronic format in the English language in accordance with 17 CFR 232.306 of Regulation S-T. The issuer may file part of the Schedule or amendment, or exhibit or other attachment to the Schedule or amendment, in both French and English if the issuer included the French text to comply with the requirements of the Canadian securities administrator or other Canadian authority and, for an electronic filing, if the filing is an HTML document, as defined in 17 CFR 232.11 of Regulation S-T. For both an electronic filing and a paper filing, the issuer may provide an English translation or English summary of a foreign language document as an exhibit or other attachment to the Schedule or amendment as permitted by the rules of the applicable Canadian securities administrator.

F. A paper filer must number sequentially the signed original of the Schedule or amendment (in addition to any internal numbering that otherwise may be present) by handwritten, typed, printed or other legible form of notation from the first page through the last page of the Schedule or amendment, including any exhibits or attachments. A paper filer must disclose the total number of pages on the first page of the sequentially numbered Schedule or amendment.

III. Compliance with the Exchange Act

A. Pursuant to Rule 13e-4(g) under the Exchange Act, the issuer shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of section 13(e)(1) of the Exchange Act and Rule 13e-4 and Schedule TO thereunder in connection with a cash tender or exchange offer for securities that may be made pursuant to this Schedule, provided that, if an exemption has been granted from the requirements of Canadian federal, provincial and/or territorial laws, regulations or policies, and the tender offer does not comply with requirements that otherwise would be prescribed by Rule 13e-4, the issuer (absent an order from the Commission) shall comply with the provisions of section 13(e)(1) of the Exchange Act and Rule 13e-4 and Schedule TO thereunder.

B. Any cash tender or exchange offer made pursuant to this Schedule is not exempt from the antifraud provisions of section 10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 thereunder, section 13(e)(1) of the Exchange Act and Rule 13e-4(b)(1) thereunder, and section 14(e) of the Exchange Act and Rule 14e-3 thereunder, and this Schedule shall be deemed “filed” for purposes of section 18 of the Exchange Act.

C. The issuer's attention is directed to Regulation M (§§ 242.100 through 242.105 of this chapter), in the case of an issuer exchange offer, and to Rule 14e-5 under the Exchange Act (§ 240.14e-5), in the case of an issuer cash tender offer or issuer exchange offer. [See Exchange Act Release No. 29355 (June 21, 1991) containing an exemption from Rule 10b-13, the predecessor to Rule 14e-5.]

Part I - Information Required To Be Sent to Shareholders
Item 1. Home Jurisdiction Documents

(a) This Schedule shall be accompanied by the entire disclosure document or documents required to be delivered to holders of securities to be acquired by the issuer in the proposed transaction pursuant to the laws, regulations or policies of the Canadian jurisdiction in which the issuer is incorporated or organized, and any other Canadian federal, provincial and/or territorial law, regulation or policy relating to the terms and conditions of the offer. The Schedule need not include any documents incorporated by reference into such disclosure document(s) and not distributed to offerees pursuant to any such law, regulation or policy.

(b) Any amendment made by the issuer to a home jurisdiction document or documents shall be filed with the Commission under cover of this Schedule, which must indicate on the cover page the number of the amendment.

(c) In an exchange offer where securities of the issuer have been or are to be offered or cancelled in the transaction, such securities shall be registered on forms promulgated by the Commission under the Securities Act of 1933 including, where available, the Commission's Form F-8 or F-80 providing for inclusion in that registration statement of the home jurisdiction prospectus.

Item 2. Informational Legends

The following legends, to the extent applicable, shall appear on the outside front cover page of the home jurisdiction document(s) in bold-face roman type at least as high as ten-point modern type and at least two-points leaded:

“This tender offer is made by a foreign issuer for its own securities, and while the offer is subject to disclosure requirements of the country in which the issuer is incorporated or organized, investors should be aware that these requirements are different from those of the United States. Financial statements included herein, if any, have been prepared in accordance with foreign generally accepted accounting principles and thus may not be comparable to financial statements of United States companies.

“The enforcement by investors of civil liabilities under the federal securities laws may be affected adversely by the fact that the issuer is located in a foreign country, and that some or all of its officers and directors are residents of a foreign country.

“Investors should be aware that the issuer or its affiliates, directly or indirectly, may bid for or make purchases of the securities of the issuer subject to the offer, or of its related securities, during the period of the issuer tender offer, as permitted by applicable Canadian laws or provincial laws or regulations.”

Note to Item 2.

If the home jurisdiction document(s) are delivered through an electronic medium, the issuer may satisfy the legibility requirements for the required legends relating to type size and fonts by presenting the legend in any manner reasonably calculated to draw security holder attention to it.

Part II - Information Not Required To Be Sent to Shareholders

The exhibits specified below shall be filed as part of the Schedule, but are not required to be sent to shareholders unless so required pursuant to the laws, regulations or policies of Canada and/or any of its provinces or territories. Exhibits shall be lettered or numbered appropriately for convenient reference.

(1) File any reports or information that, in accordance with the requirements of the home jurisdiction(s), must be made publicly available by the issuer in connection with the transaction, but need not be disseminated to shareholders.

(2) File copies of any documents incorporated by reference into the home jurisdiction document(s) .

(3) If any name is signed to the Schedule pursuant to power of attorney, manually signed copies of any such power of attorney shall be filed. If the name of any officer signing on behalf of the issuer is signed pursuant to a power of attorney, certified copies of a resolution of the issuer's board of directors authorizing such signature also shall be filed.

Part III - Undertakings and Consent to Service of Process
1. Undertakings

The Schedule shall set forth the following undertakings of the issuer:

(a) The issuer undertakes to make available, in person or by telephone, representatives to respond to inquiries made by the Commission staff, and to furnish promptly, when requested to do so by the Commission staff, information relating to this Schedule or to transactions in said securities.

(b) The issuer also undertakes to disclose in the United States, on the same basis as it is required to make such disclosure pursuant to applicable Canadian federal and/or provincial or territorial laws, regulations or policies, or otherwise discloses, information regarding purchases of the issuer's securities in connection with the cash tender or exchange offer covered by this Schedule. Such information shall be set forth in amendments to this Schedule.

2. Consent to Service of Process

(a) At the time of filing this Schedule, the issuer shall file with the Commission a written irrevocable consent and power of attorney on Form F-X.

(b) Any change to the name or address of a registrant's agent for service shall be communicated promptly to the Commission by amendment to Form F-X referencing the file number of the registrant.

Part IV - Signatures

A. The Schedule shall be signed by each person on whose behalf the Schedule is filed or its authorized representative. If the Schedule is signed on behalf of a person by his authorized representative (other than an executive officer or general partner of the company), evidence of the representative's authority shall be filed with the Schedule.

B. The name of each person who signs the Schedule shall be typed or printed beneath his signature.

C. By signing this Schedule, the person(s) filing the Schedule consents without power of revocation that any administrative subpoena may be served, or any administrative proceeding, civil suit or civil action where the cause of action arises out of or relates to or concerns any offering made or purported to be made in connection with the filing on Schedule 13E-4F or any purchases or sales of any security in connection therewith, may be commenced against it in any administrative tribunal or in any appropriate court in any place subject to the jurisdiction of any state or of the United States by service of said subpoena or process upon the registrant's designated agent.

After due inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify that the information set forth in this statement is true, complete and correct.


(Name and Title)


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