17 CFR 37.6 - Enforceability.

§ 37.6 Enforceability.

(a) A transaction entered into on or pursuant to the rules of a swap execution facility shall not be void, voidable, subject to rescission, otherwise invalidated, or rendered unenforceable as a result of:

(1) A violation by the swap execution facility of the provisions of section 5h of the Act or this part;

(2) Any Commission proceeding to alter or supplement a rule, term, or condition under section 8a(7) of the Act or to declare an emergency under section 8a(9) of the Act; or

(3) Any other proceeding the effect of which is to:

(i) Alter or supplement a specific term or condition or trading rule or procedure; or

(ii) Require a swap execution facility to adopt a specific term or condition, trading rule or procedure, or to take or refrain from taking a specific action.

(b) A swap execution facility shall provide each counterparty to a transaction that is entered into on or pursuant to the rules of the swap execution facility with a written record of all of the terms of the transaction which shall legally supersede any previous agreement and serve as a confirmation of the transaction. The confirmation of all terms of the transaction shall take place at the same time as execution; provided that specific customer identifiers for accounts included in bunched orders involving swaps need not be included in confirmations provided by a swap execution facility if the applicable requirements of § 1.35(b)(5) of this chapter are met.