19 CFR § 122.45 - Crew list.

§ 122.45 Crew list.

(a) When required. A crew list shall be filed by all aircraft required to enter under § 122.41.

(b) Exception. No crew list is required for aircraft arriving directly from Canada on a flight beginning in Canada and ending in the U.S. Instead, the total number of crewmembers may be shown on the general declaration.

(c) Form. The crew list shall show the full name (last name, first name, middle initial) of each crewmember, either:

(1) On the general declaration in the column headed “Total Number of Crew”; or

(2) On a separate, clearly marked document.

(d) Crewmembers returning as passengers. Crewmembers of any aircraft returning to the U.S. as passengers on a commercial aircraft from a trip on which they were employed as crewmembers shall be listed on the aircraft general declaration or crew list.