19 CFR § 122.46 - Crew purchase list.

§ 122.46 Crew purchase list.

(a) When required. A crew purchase list shall be filed with the general declaration for any aircraft required to enter under § 122.41.

(b) Exception. A crew purchase list is not required for aircraft arriving directly from Canada on a flight beginning in Canada and ending in the U.S. If a written crew declaration is required for the aircraft under subpart G of part 148 of this chapter (Crewmember Declarations and Exemptions), it shall be attached to the air cargo manifest, along with the number of any written crew declarations.

(c) Form. If a crewmember enters articles for which a written crew declaration is not required (see subpart G, part 148 of this chapter), the articles shall be listed next to the crewmember's name on the general declaration, or on the attached crew purchase list. Articles listed on a written crew declaration need not be listed on the crew purchase list if:

(1) The crew declaration is attached to the general declaration, or to the crew list which in turn is attached to the general declaration; and

(2) The statement “Crew purchases as per attached crew declaration” appears on the general declaration or crew list.