24 CFR § 570.503 - Agreements with subrecipients.

§ 570.503 Agreements with subrecipients.

(a) Before disbursing any CDBG funds to a subrecipient, the recipient shall sign a written agreement with the subrecipient. The agreement shall remain in effect during any period that the subrecipient has control over CDBG funds, including program income.

(b) At a minimum, the written agreement with the subrecipient shall include provisions concerning the following items:

(1) Statement of work. The agreement shall include a description of the work to be performed, a schedule for completing the work, and a budget. These items shall be in sufficient detail to provide a sound basis for the recipient effectively to monitor performance under the agreement.

(2) Records and reports. The recipient shall specify in the agreement the particular records the subrecipient must maintain and the particular reports the subrecipient must submit in order to assist the recipient in meeting its recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(3) Program income. The agreement shall include the program income requirements set forth in § 570.504(c). The agreement shall also specify that, at the end of the program year, the grantee may require remittance of all or part of any program income balances (including investments thereof) held by the subrecipient (except those needed for immediate cash needs, cash balances of a revolving loan fund, cash balances from a lump sum drawdown, or cash or investments held for section 108 security needs).

(4) Uniform requirements. The agreement shall require the subrecipient to comply with applicable uniform requirements, as described in § 570.502.

(5) Other program requirements. The agreement shall require the subrecipient to carry out each activity in compliance with all Federal laws and regulations described in subpart K of these regulations, except that:

(i) The subrecipient does not assume the recipient's environmental responsibilities described at § 570.604; and

(ii) The subrecipient does not assume the recipient's responsibility for initiating the review process under the provisions of 24 CFR part 52.

(6) Suspension and termination. The agreement shall set forth remedies for noncompliance and provisions on termination in accordance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart D.

(7) Reversion of assets. The agreement shall specify that upon its expiration the subrecipient shall transfer to the recipient any CDBG funds on hand at the time of expiration and any accounts receivable attributable to the use of CDBG funds. It shall also include provisions designed to ensure that any real property under the subrecipient's control that was acquired or improved in whole or in part with CDBG funds (including CDBG funds provided to the subrecipient in the form of a loan) in excess of $25,000 is either:

(i) Used to meet one of the national objectives in § 570.208 (formerly § 570.901) until five years after expiration of the agreement, or for such longer period of time as determined to be appropriate by the recipient; or

(ii) Not used in accordance with paragraph (b)(7)(i) of this section, in which event the subrecipient shall pay to the recipient an amount equal to the current market value of the property less any portion of the value attributable to expenditures of non-CDBG funds for the acquisition of, or improvement to, the property. The payment is program income to the recipient. (No payment is required after the period of time specified in paragraph (b)(7)(i) of this section.)

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