40 CFR § 122.30 - What are the objectives of the storm water regulations for small MS4s?

§ 122.30 What are the objectives of the storm water regulations for small MS4s?

(a) Sections 122.30 through 122.37 are written in a “readable regulation” format that includes both rule requirements and EPA guidance that is not legally binding. EPA has clearly distinguished its recommended guidance from the rule requirements by putting the guidance in a separate paragraph headed by the word “guidance”.

(b) Under the statutory mandate in section 402(p)(6) of the Clean Water Act, the purpose of this portion of the storm water program is to designate additional sources that need to be regulated to protect water quality and to establish a comprehensive storm water program to regulate these sources. (Because the storm water program is part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program, you should also refer to § 122.1 which addresses the broader purpose of the NPDES program.)

(c) Storm water runoff continues to harm the nation's waters. Runoff from lands modified by human activities can harm surface water resources in several ways including by changing natural hydrologic patterns and by elevating pollutant concentrations and loadings. Storm water runoff may contain or mobilize high levels of contaminants, such as sediment, suspended solids, nutrients, heavy metals, pathogens, toxins, oxygen-demanding substances, and floatables.

(d) EPA strongly encourages partnerships and the watershed approach as the management framework for efficiently, effectively, and consistently protecting and restoring aquatic ecosystems and protecting public health.

[64 FR 68842, Dec. 8, 1999]