40 CFR § 98.237 - Records that must be retained.

§ 98.237 Records that must be retained.

Monitoring Plans, as described in § 98.3(g)(5), must be completed by April 1, 2011. In addition to the information required by § 98.3(g), you must retain the following records:

(a) Dates on which measurements were conducted.

(b) Results of all emissions detected and measurements.

(c) Calibration reports for detection and measurement instruments used.

(d) Inputs and outputs of calculations or emissions computer model runs used for engineering estimation of emissions.

(e) The records required under § 98.3(g)(2)(i) shall include an explanation of how company records, engineering estimation, or best available information are used to calculate each applicable parameter under this subpart.

(f) For each time a missing data procedure was used, keep a record listing the emission source type, a description of the circumstance that resulted in the need to use missing data procedures, the missing data provisions in § 98.235 that apply, the calculation or analysis used to develop the substitute value, and the substitute value.

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