41 CFR Subpart B - Authorizing Home-to-Work Transportation

  1. § 102-5.35 Who is authorized home-to-work transportation?
  2. § 102-5.40 May the agency head delegate the authority to make home-to-work determinations?
  3. § 102-5.45 Should determinations be completed before an employee is provided with home-to-work transportation?
  4. § 102-5.50 May determinations be made in advance for employees who respond to unusual circumstances when they arise?
  5. § 102-5.55 How do we prepare determinations?
  6. § 102-5.60 How long are initial determinations effective?
  7. § 102-5.65 What procedures apply when the need for home-to-work transportation exceeds the initial period?
  8. § 102-5.70 What considerations apply in making a determination to authorize home-to-work transportation for field work?
  9. § 102-5.75 What circumstances do not establish a basis for authorizing home-to-work transportation for field work?
  10. § 102-5.80 What are some examples of positions that may involve field work?
  11. § 102-5.85 What information should our determination for field work include if positions are identified rather than named individuals?
  12. § 102-5.90 Should an agency consider whether to base a Government passenger carrier at a Government facility near the employee's home or work rather than authorize the employee home-to-work transportation?
  13. § 102-5.95 Is the comfort and/or convenience of an employee considered sufficient justification to authorize home-to-work transportation?
  14. § 102-5.100 May we use home-to-work transportation for other than official purposes?
  15. § 102-5.105 May others accompany an employee using home-to-work transportation?