42 CFR 1003.100 - Basis and purpose.

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§ 1003.100 Basis and purpose.

(a) Basis. This part implements sections 1128(c), 1128A, 1140, 1860D-31(i)(3), 1876(i)(6), 1877(g), 1882(d) and 1903(m)(5) of the Social Security Act; sections 421(c) and 427(b)(2) of Pub. L. 99-660; and section 201(i) of Pub. L. 107-188 (42 U.S.C. 1320-7(c), 1320a-7a, 1320b-10, 1395w-141(i)(3), 1395dd(d)(1), 1395mm, 1395ss(d), 1396b(m), 11131(c), 11137(b)(2) and 262).

(b) Purpose. This part -

(1) Provides for the imposition of civil money penalties and, as applicable, assessments against persons who -

(i) Have knowingly submitted certain prohibited claims under Federal health care programs;

(ii) Seek payment in violation of the terms of an agreement or a limitation on charges or payments under the Medicare program, or a requirement not to charge in excess of the amount permitted under the Medicaid program;

(iii) Give false or misleading information that might affect the decision to discharge a Medicare patient from the hospital;


(A) Fail to report information concerning medical malpractice payments or who improperly disclose, use or permit access to information reported under part B of title IV of Public Law 99-660, and regulations specified in 45 CFR part 60, or

(B) Are health plans and fail to report information concerning sanctions or other adverse actions imposed on providers as required to be reported to the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) in accordance with section 1128E of the Act;

(v) Misuse certain Departmental and Medicare and Medicaid program words, letters symbols or emblems;

(vi) Violate a requirement of section 1867 of the Act or § 489.24 of this title;

(vii) Substantially fail to provide an enrollee with required medically necessary items and services; engage in certain marketing, enrollment, reporting, claims payment, employment or contracting abuses; or do not meet the requirements for physician incentive plans for Medicare specified in § 417.479(d) through (f) of this title;

(viii) Present or cause to be presented a bill or claim for designated health services (as defined in § 411.351 of this title) that they know, or should know, were furnished in accordance with a referral prohibited under § 411.353 of this title;

(ix) Have collected amounts that they know or should know were billed in violation of § 411.353 of this title and have not refunded the amounts collected on a timely basis;

(x) Are physicians or entities that enter into an arrangement or scheme that they know or should know has as a principal purpose the assuring of referrals by the physician to a particular entity which, if made directly, would violate the provisions of § 411.353 of this title;

(xi) Are excluded, and who retain an ownership or control interest of five percent or more in an entity participating in Medicare or a State health care program, or who are officers or managing employees of such an entity (as defined in section 1126(b) of the Act);

(xii) Offer inducements that they know or should know are likely to influence Medicare or State health care program beneficiaries to order or receive particular items or services;

(xiii) Are physicians who knowingly misrepresent that a Medicare beneficiary requires home health services;

(xiv) Have submitted, or caused to be submitted, certain prohibited claims, including claims for services rendered by excluded individuals employed by or otherwise under contract with such person, under one or more Federal health care programs;

(xv) Violate the Federal health care programs' anti-kickback statute as set forth in section 1128B of the Act;

(xvi) Violate the provisions of part 73 of this title, implementing section 351A(b) and (c) of the Public Health Service Act, with respect to the possession and use within the United States, receipt from outside the United States, and transfer within the United States, of select agents and toxins in use, or transfer of listed biological agents and toxins; or

(xvii) Violate the provisions of part 403, subpart H of this title, implementing the Medicare prescription drug discount card and transitional assistance program, by misleading or defrauding program beneficiaries, by overcharging a discount program enrollee, or by misusing transitional assistance funds.

(2) Provides for the exclusion of persons from the Medicare or State health care programs against whom a civil money penalty or assessment has been imposed, and the basis for reinstatement of persons who have been excluded; and

(3) Sets forth the appeal rights of persons subject to a penalty, assessment and exclusion.

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