42 CFR § 435.908 - Assistance with application and renewal.

§ 435.908 Assistance with application and renewal.

(a) The agency must provide assistance to any individual seeking help with the application or renewal process in person, over the telephone, and online, and in a manner that is accessible to individuals with disabilities and those who are limited English proficient, consistent with § 435.905(b) of this subpart.

(b) The agency must allow individual(s) of the applicant or beneficiary's choice to assist in the application process or during a renewal of eligibility.

(c) Certified Application Counselors.

(1) At State option, the agency may certify staff and volunteers of State-designated organizations to act as application assisters, authorized to provide assistance to applicants and beneficiaries with the application process and during renewal of eligibility. To be certified, application assisters must be—

(i) Authorized and registered by the agency to provide assistance at application and renewal;

(ii) Effectively trained in the eligibility and benefits rules and regulations governing enrollment in a QHP through the Exchange and all insurance affordability programs operated in the State, as implemented in the State; and

(iii) Trained in and adhere to all rules regulations relating to the safeguarding and confidentiality of information and prohibiting conflict of interest, including regulations set forth at part 431, subpart F of this chapter, and at 45 CFR 155.260(f), regulations relating to the prohibition against reassignment of provider claims specified in § 447.10 of this chapter, and all other State and Federal laws concerning conflicts of interest and confidentiality of information.

(2) For purposes of this section, assistance includes providing information on insurance affordability programs and coverage options, helping individuals complete an application or renewal, working with the individual to provide required documentation, submitting applications and renewals to the agency, interacting with the agency on the status of such applications and renewals, assisting individuals with responding to any requests from the agency, and managing their case between the eligibility determination and regularly scheduled renewals. Application assisters may be certified by the agency to act on behalf of applicants and beneficiaries for one, some or all of the permitted assistance activities.

(3) If the agency elects to certify application assisters, it must establish procedures to ensure that—

(i) Applicants and beneficiaries are informed of the functions and responsibilities of certified application assisters;

(ii) Individuals are able to authorize application assisters to receive confidential information about the individual related to the individual's application for or renewal of Medicaid; and

(iii) The agency does not disclose confidential applicant or beneficiary information to an application assister unless the applicant or beneficiary has authorized the application assister to receive such information.

(4) Application assisters may not impose, accept or receive payment or compensation in any form from applicants or beneficiaries for application assistance.

[77 FR 17208, Mar. 23, 2012, as amended at 78 FR 42302, July 15, 2013]