42 CFR § 457.300 - Basis, scope, and applicability.

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§ 457.300 Basis, scope, and applicability.

(a) Statutory basis. This subpart interprets and implements -

(1) Section 2102 of the Act, which relates to eligibility standards and methodologies, coordination with other health insurance programs, and outreach and enrollment efforts to identify and enroll children who are eligible to participate in other public health insurance programs;

(2) Section 2105(c)(6)(B) of the Act, which relates to the prohibition against expenditures for child health assistance provided to children eligible for coverage under other Federal health care programs other than programs operated or financed by the Indian Health Service; and

(3) Section 2110(b) of the Act, which provides a definition of targeted low-income child.

(4) Section 2107(e)(1)(O) of the Affordable Care Act, which relates to coordination of CHIP with the Exchanges and the State Medicaid agency.

(5) Section 2107(e)(1)(F) of the Affordable Care Act, which relates to income determined based on modified adjusted gross income.

(b) Scope. This subpart sets forth the requirements relating to eligibility standards and to screening, application and enrollment procedures.

(c) Applicability. The requirements of this subpart apply to child health assistance provided under a separate child health program. Regulations relating to eligibility, screening, applications and enrollment that are applicable to a Medicaid expansion program are found at §§ 435.4, 435.229, 435.905 through 435.908, 435.1102, 435.940 through 435.958, 435.1200, 436.3, 436.229, and 436.1102 of this chapter.

[65 FR 33622, May 24, 2000, as amended at 77 FR 17214, Mar. 23, 2012]

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