7 CFR § 51.2730 - U.S. No. 1 Spanish.

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§ 51.2730 U.S. No. 1 Spanish.

“U.S. No. 1 Spanish” consists of shelled Spanish type peanut kernels which are whole and free from foreign material, damage and minor defects, and which will not pass through a screen having 15/64 × 3/4 inch openings.

(a) In order to allow for variations incident to proper grading and handling, the following tolerances, by weight, shall be permitted:

(1) 1 percent for other types of peanuts;

(2) 3 percent for sound peanuts which are split or broken;

(3) 1.5 percent for damaged or unshelled peanuts;

(4) 0.5 percent for minor defects: Provided, That in addition, any unused part of the tolerance for damaged or unshelled peanuts shall be allowed for minor defects;

(5) 0.1 percent for foreign material; and,

(6) 2 percent for sound whole peanuts which will pass through the prescribed screen.