7 CFR § 59.102 - Mandatory daily reporting for cows and bulls.

§ 59.102 Mandatory daily reporting for cows and bulls.

(a) In General. The corporate officers or officially designated representatives of each cow and bull packer processing plant shall report to the Secretary each reporting day the following information for each cattle type, inclusive since the last reporting, categorized to clearly delineate domestic from imported market purchases as described in § 59.10(b).

(1) The base bid price (per hundredweight) intended to be paid for slaughter cow and bull carcasses on that day not later than 10 a.m. central time categorized by:

(i) Weight; and

(ii) For slaughter cows, percent lean (e.g., breaker, boner, cutter (lean)).

(2) The prices for cattle (per hundredweight) purchased during the previous day not later than 2 p.m. central time categorized by:

(i) The type of purchase;

(ii) The quantity of cattle purchased on a live weight basis;

(iii) The quantity of cattle purchased on a dressed weight basis;

(iv) The estimated weight of the cattle purchased;

(v) The quality classification; and

(vi) Any premiums or discounts associated with weight or quality expressed in dollars per hundredweight on a dressed basis.

(3) The volume of cows and bulls slaughtered the previous day.

(b) Publication. The Secretary shall make the information available to the public within one hour of the required reporting time on the reporting day on which the information is received from the packer.

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