9 CFR § 352.19 - Ante-mortem inspection and applicable requirements.

§ 352.19 Ante-mortem inspection and applicable requirements.

Notwithstanding part 309 of this subchapter, an official establishment that wishes to slaughter horses can apply for voluntary ante-mortem inspection according to § 352.3. Such establishments shall pay the applicable base time, overtime, and holiday rates for ante-mortem inspection in accordance with § 352.5. Such ante-mortem inspection shall be made in pens on the premises of the establishment at which the horses are offered for slaughter in accordance with § 309.1(b), and such establishments also shall comply with all applicable provisions of §§ 352.8 and 352.9. If the establishment complies with all these requirements for ante-mortem inspection, FSIS will conduct ante-mortem inspection at that establishment in accordance with § 352.10, and all other provisions in part 309 of this subchapter that pertain to horses will apply. FSIS may deny or withdraw ante-mortem inspection services at official establishments that slaughter horses for any applicable reason under § 352.6. Official marks and devices to identify inspected and passed horse carcasses and parts of carcasses, or horse meat food products shall be those in § 312.3 of this subchapter.

[71 FR 6341, Feb. 8, 2006]