9 CFR § 381.80 - General; biological residues.

§ 381.80 General; biological residues.

(a) The carcasses or parts of carcasses of all poultry inspected at an official establishment and found at the time of post mortem inspection, or at any subsequent inspection, to be affected with any of the diseases or conditions named in other sections in this subpart, shall be disposed of in accordance with the section pertaining to the disease or condition. Owing to the fact that it is impracticable to formulate rules for each specific disease or conditions and to designate at just what stage a disease process results in an adulterated article, the decision as to the disposal of all carcasses, organs or other parts not specifically covered by the regulations, or by instructions of the Administrator issued pursuant thereto, shall be left to the inspector in charge, and if the inspector in charge is in doubt concerning the disposition to be made, specimens from such carcasses shall be forwarded to the Inspection Service laboratory for diagnosis.

(b) All carcasses, organs, or other parts of carcasses of poultry shall be condemned if it is determined on the basis of a sound statistical sample that they are adulterated because of the presence of any biological residues.