Sec. NR 45.12 - Fees and charges

ยง NR 45.12. Fees and charges


(a) No person may operate or park any motor vehicle or trailer or semitrailer in the Richard Bong state recreation area, in the Point Beach state forest, in developed recreational areas in other state forests as designated in par. (b), in designated use zones within recreation areas established under s. 23.091(3), Stats., or in any state park or roadside park except those designated in par. (c) and those specified in s. 27.01(7) (c), Stats., unless the vehicle displays a vehicle admission receipt in the manner specified by the department on the receipt or at the place of purchase.

(b) The following state forest areas are designated by the department as vehicle admission areas:

1. Black River state forest:

a. Castle Mound campground and picnic area

b. East Fork campground and picnic area

c. Pigeon Creek campground and picnic area

d. Robinson Creek beach and picnic area

e. East Fork indoor group camp and parking area

f. East Fork group camp

2. Brule River state forest:

a. Copper Range campground

b. Bois Brule campground and picnic area

3. Flambeau River state forest:

a. Connors Lake campground

b. Connors Lake picnic area

c. Lake of the Pines campground

4. Kettle Moraine state forest - northern unit:

a. Long Lake area

b. Mauthe Lake area

c. Greenbush group camp

d. New Prospect bridle trail camp area

e. Zillmer trail parking area

f. Butler Lake parking area

g. Parnell tower parking area

h. Greenbush picnic and ski parking areas

i. Highway 28 glacial trail parking area

j. Highway 28 snowmobile and horse trail parking area

k. Highway SS snowmobile parking area

L. New Fane trail parking area.

m. Highway H snowmobile and horse trail parking area.

n. Highway P Ice Age Trail parking area

o. Shelter 5 parking area

p. Highway S Bridle Trail parking area

q. Highway U Dog Training parking area

r. Greenbush Kettle parking area

s. Kellings Lake Dog Training parking area

t. Crooked Lake boat access area parking

u. Auburn Lake boat access area parking

v. Lake Seven boat access area parking

w. Little Mud Lake picnic parking area

x. Spruce Lake Bog parking area

y. Highway H Ice Age Trail parking area

z. Youth Camp Road Bridle Trail parking area

za. Highway 67 Bridle Trail parking area

zb. Forest Lake access

5. Kettle Moraine state forest - southern unit:

a. Whitewater area

b. Ottawa Lake area

c. McMiller Sports Center for non-shooters

d. Ottawa field trial grounds

e. Horseriders campground

f. Pine Woods camp area

g. Scuppernong picnic and hiking trail area

h. Scuppernong Springs nature trail parking area

i. Emma Carlin trail parking area

j. Nordic and John Muir trail parking areas

k. Ottawa trail parking area

L. Eagle - Palmyra trail parking areas

n. D.J. Mackie picnic area

o. Hickory Woods group camp

p. Paradise Springs

q. Highway 67 wayside

r. Eagle Dog Trial Grounds

s. Stute Springs nature trail parking area

t. Blackhawk (Hwy 12) parking area

u. Lone Tree Bluff nature trail parking area

v. Bald Bluff nature trail parking area

6. Kettle Moraine state forest - Lapham Peak unit.

7. Northern Highland state forest:

a. Big Lake campground

b. Buffalo Lake campground

c. Carroll Lake campground

d. Clear Lake campground

e. Crystal Lake campground, beach and picnic area

f. Cunard Lake campground

g. Firefly Lake campground

h. Indian Mounds campground

i. Jag Lake group campground

j. Muskie Lake family and group campgrounds

k. Plum Lake campground

L. Razorback Lake campground

m. Sandy Beach Lake campground

n. Star Lake campground

o. Starrett Lake campground

p. Trout Lake campground - north and south

q. Upper Gresham Lake campground

8. Governor Knowles state forest

a. St. Croix campground

b. Trade River horse campground

9. Peshtigo River state forest

a. Old Veteran's Lake

(c) The following areas are determined by the department as state parks in which vehicle admission receipts are not required:

1. State trails

4. Lost Dauphin

6. Peninsula state park golf course (May 1 through October 31); applies to golfers and clubhouse patrons only

7. Cross Plains

8. Heritage Hill state park

9. Havenwoods state forest preserve

10. Copper Culture

11. Rib Mountain leased area

12. Rock Island.

(d) The following state parks, recreation areas, forest recreation areas and state natural areas are designated by the department as areas in which vehicle admission receipts are required, except as otherwise provided, from January 1 through December 31:

1. Governor Dodge state park

2. Pattison state park

3. Mirror Lake state park

4. Perrot state park

5. Interstate park

6. Wildcat Mountain state park

7. Willow River state park

8. Richard Bong state recreation area

9. High Cliff state park

10. Peninsula state park

11. Potawatomi state park

12. Terry Andrae state park

13. John M. Kohler state park

14. Hartman Creek state park

15. Devil's Lake state park

16. Big Foot Beach state park

17. Point Beach state forest

18. Wyalusing state park

19. All designated developed recreational areas on the Kettle Moraine state forest as listed in par. (b) 5. and 6.

20. Lake Kegonsa state park

21. Lake Wissota state park

22. Pike Lake Unit Kettle Moraine state forest

23. Yellowstone Lake state park

24. Newport state park

25. Blue Mound state park

26. Copper Falls state park

27. Council Grounds state park

28. Harrington Beach state park

29. Merrick state park

30. Whitefish Dunes state park

31. Governor Nelson state park

35. Chippewa Moraine state recreation area

36. Rib Mountain state park

37. Amnicon Falls state park

38. Big Bay state park

39. Browntown - Cadiz Springs state recreation area

40. Brunet Island state park

41. Buckhorn state park

42. Kinnickinnic state park

43. Natural Bridge state park

44. Nelson Dewey state park

45. New Glarus Woods state park

46. Roche-A-Cri state park

47. Rocky Arbor state park

48. Tower Hill state park

49. Governor Knowles state forest - St. Croix campground

50. Capital Springs Centennial state park and recreation area

51. Governor Thompson state park

52. Mill Bluff state park

53. Aztalan state park

54. Parfrey's Glen state natural area

55. Dells of the Wisconsin River state natural Area - Cambrian Overlook

56. Straight Lake state park

57. Menominee River state park and recreation area

Note: The correct name is Menominee River state recreation area.

58. Glacial Drumlin state trail - Sandhill Station

(f) Admission fees shall be waived at all state parks, state recreation areas, and state forest vehicle admission areas as follows:

2. Persons with disabilities and their personal care attendants brought by a nonprofit organization recognized by the internal revenue service under 26 USC 501(c) (1) or (3) whose primary purpose is the improvement of the mental or physical health of the individual. Applications on department forms for the fee waiver shall be received by the property for which the fee waiver is sought along with proof of nonprofit status at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Note: A copy of the form may be obtained from state park and forest offices.

4. For vehicles in which persons are picking up or dropping off juvenile group campers.

5. For off-road motorcycles as defined in s. NR 45.03(15) and mopeds, when trailered or towed into the property and motor-powered hang gliders (commonly called ultralights) flown or trailered into the property for operation in the special use zone of the Bong state recreation area.

(2) CAMPING FEES. No person may use any facility, land or area for which a fee or charge has been established by the department without payment of the fee or charge as listed in the following schedule. All fees under this subsection include state sales tax except for juvenile group camping, and juvenile and adult group camping at the north shore campgrounds in Devil's Lake state park.

(a) Camping. The fees for camping are established in s. 27.01(10), Stats.

1. Campgrounds in state parks, southern forests, northern forests and recreation areas, and on state trails are type "A" campgrounds.

3. Kinnickinnic sand delta - overnight boat mooring $15.00 per boat per day.

(b) Other charges

1. Electricity $5.00 per unit per night

2. Firewood $3.00 per bundle (except for firewood sold by concessionaires)

3. Additional family camping fees for Type "A" campgrounds in the state parks, southern state forests and northern state forests.

4. Additional camping fees may be charged for waterview campsites not to exceed $5.00 per night for type "A" campgrounds.

5. Based on local market conditions, additional camping fees of $3.00 per campsite per night shall be charged at the following campgrounds:

a. Devil's Lake state park

b. Kohler-Andrae state park

c. Mirror Lake state park

d. Peninsula state park

e. Big Bay state park

f. Point Beach state forest

g. Willow River state park

h. Hartman Creek state park

i. Copper Falls state park

j. Council Grounds state park

k. Governor Dodge state park

L. High Cliff state park

m. Newport state park

n. Pattison state park

o. Potawatomi state park

p. Rock Island State Park

q. Crystal Lake, Clear Lake, Firefly Lake and Muskie Lake campgrounds within the Northern Highland - American Legion state forest.

(c) Group camping (group campgrounds)

1. Outdoor non-family group camping

a. Group rate 1 to 20 persons $40.00 per night

b. Each additional interval of 10 or part thereof $20.00 per night

c. Minimum per group per night $40.00 per night

d. Maximum per group per night $300 per night

e. Outdoor group campsites with electricity will charge one to 20 persons $60.00, 21 to 30 persons $80.00 and 31 to 40 persons $100.00 per night.

3. Group camps (buildings)

a. Big Bay group camp and Black River state forest $3.00 per person per day $40.00 minimum per group per day

b. Wyalusing group camp $6.00 per person per day $300.00 minimum per group per day.

c. Point Beach state forest $5.00 per person per day $60.00 minimum per group per day.

5. Outdoor group campgrounds at Council Grounds state park shall charge the following rates:

a. Site A, capacity of 32 people with three electrical pedestals: $135 per night.

b. Site B, capacity of 32 people, with three electrical pedestals: $135 per night.

c. Site C, capacity of 22 people, with one electrical pedestal: $80 per night.

(d) All reservation, family and outdoor group camping fees are waived for persons with disabilities and their personal care attendants brought by a nonprofit organization recognized by the internal revenue service under 26 USC 501(c) (1), (3) or (4) whose primary purpose is the improvement of the mental or physical health of the individual. The nonprofit organization shall apply to the department on the required forms for a department identification number prior to arrival at the property for which the fee waiver is sought. Memorial Day through Labor Day, fee waiver approvals may only be granted for Sunday through Thursday nights, and only with a prior camping reservation.

Note: The required forms may be obtained from the Bureau of Parks and Recreation at 101 S. Webster Street, Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921.


(a) No person 16 years of age or older, except pedestrians or snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle riders, may use trails posted pursuant to par. (b) unless the person has in his or her possession a valid state trail pass.

(b) State trails and trails on other department lands on which a state trail pass is required shall be designated by the department with markers or signs.

(c) The state trail pass system consists of the following admission fees:

1. Annual . . . . . . . . . $20.00

2. Daily . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00

(d) State trail passes are not transferable.

(4) OTHER FEES. No person may use any facility, land or area for which a fee or charge has been established by the department without payment of such fee or charge as listed in the following schedule: The fees listed in this subsection include the state sales tax.

(a) Blue Mound state park swimming pool

1. Age 18 and older $3.00 per day or $45 per year for a season pass

2. Age 2 - 17 $2.00 per day or $30 per year for a season pass

3. Under age 2 No fee

4. Special programs as established by the department

(b) McMiller sports center, when operated by the department.

1. Pistol range $5.00 per hour

2. 100 yard range $5.00 per hour

3. Plinking range $5.00 per hour

4. Archery range $5.00 per hour

5. Shotgun trap range $5.00 per round of 25 shots

6. Shotgun patterning range $5.00 per 5 targets

7. Organized matches $100 per group per day

8. Hunter safety course $1.00 per hour

(c) No person may use any concession or area without payment of applicable fees or charges established under contract between the department and concessionaire.

(d) Admission fees under s. 27.01(9), Stats.

(e) Rock Island state park overnight boat mooring fee $1.00 per foot of length per night

(f) Richard Bong state recreation area.

1. `Special use zone.' The zone shall be available to groups for special events by reservation for $25.00 per event. The reservation fee is nonrefundable.

2. `Hunting zone.' A vehicle admission sticker, hunting and trapping license as well as hunting and trapping administrative fees are required for hunting and trapping in the Richard Bong state recreation area.

a. Pheasant hunting $12.00 per person each day for adults and $7.00 per person who is age 17 or younger. In the event pheasant stocking cannot be done on the previous day or days, the pheasant hunting fee will be $5.00 per person each day.

b. All other hunting $1.00/person/day

c. Trapping $10.00 per season

d. Administrative fee. A hunting administrative fee of $3.00 shall be paid at the time the reservation is requested and is non-refundable once the reservation is confirmed.

(g) The department may grant building, shelter and picnic area reservations and shall upon request provide a list of parks and forests where reservations are accepted. The fees are:


a. Open picnic area shelters $40.00 per group per day.

b. Open picnic shelter with electricity $45.00 per group per day.

c. Open shelter with electric and kitchen/serving area $55.00 per group per day.


a. Enclosed shelters $70.00 per group per day, except on northern state forests the fee is $40.00 per group per day.

b. Enclosed shelter with electricity and seating capacity less than 50 $80.00 per group per day, except on northern state forests the fee is $45.00 per group per day.

c. Enclosed shelter with electricity and seating capacity more than 50 $100.00 per group per day.

3. Picnic areas $60.00 per group per day.

4. McMiller sports center, Southern Unit Kettle Moraine - $100.00 per group per day during the period when the vehicle admission sticker is not required, and when operated by the department.

5. Visitor center auditorium $10 per hour, except for government sponsored activities.

6. Other reservable facilities such as amphitheaters, overlooks, boat mooring areas, teepees and yurts: Fees to be established by the department.

7. Reservations are made directly with property staff and may be accepted up to 11 months in advance of the rental date. Applicants who cancel a reservation at least 21 days in advance shall receive a refund of 50 percent of the facility rate payment less a $10.00 reservation fee. Refunds will not be given for cancellation requests received less than 21 days before the facility was to be rented.

(h) Visitors using areas posted subject to self-registration requirements for either vehicle admission stickers, trail passes, mooring fees or camping fees shall pay an additional $5.00 registration fee if they fail to properly self-register or pay at the park office.

(i) Use of dump station for non-registered campers $10.00, in addition to park sticker.

(j) The department may charge participants of department sponsored special events or programs a fee sufficient to cover the cost of providing the program.

(k) The fee for a commercial use permit shall be $50.00 per year, in addition to any applicable admission fee.

(L) The department may determine and charge a fee for special events that includes a base fee plus the actual costs to the department that are anticipated as a result of the event. In determining the base fee and costs, the department may consider impacts including but not limited to all of the following:

1. The number of participants or spectators anticipated for the special event.

2. Additional department staff time required as a result of the special event.

3. Additional maintenance of the property required as a result of the special event.

4. Additional services provided by the department.

(5) This section does not apply to department lands under lease or agreement which provides otherwise. No person may use any facilities without proper payment of appropriate fees established by a lessee or contractor.

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For a complete history of s. NR 45.12 from January 1, 1984, through January 1, 2011, see the History note following s. NR 45.12 published in Register December 2010, No. 660.

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