46 U.S. Code § 8903. Self-propelled, uninspected passenger vessels

A self-propelled, uninspected passenger vessel shall be operated by an individual licensed by the Secretary to operate that type of vessel, under prescribed regulations.

(Pub. L. 98–89, Aug. 26, 1983, 97 Stat. 555; Pub. L. 99–307, § 1(14)(B), (C), May 19, 1986, 100 Stat. 446.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Revised section

Source section (U.S. Code)


46:1461(e), (f)

Section 8903 requires that an uninspected passenger vessel be operated by a licensed individual for that type of vessel.


1986—Pub. L. 99–307 substituted “Self-propelled, uninspected” for “Uninspected” in section catchline and “A self-propelled,” for “An” in text.