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Civil Forfeiture


Civil forfeiture occurs when the government seizes property under suspicion of its involvement in illegal activity. Such a proceeding is conducted in rem, or against the property itself, rather than in personam, or against the owner of the property; by contrast, criminal forfeiture is an in personam proceeding. For this reason, civil forfeiture case names often appear strange, such as United States v. Eight Rhodesian Stone Statues,

Securities dispute resolution: Experts (证券争议解决:专家)

Securities dispute resolution: Experts (证券争议解决:专家)

Finding an expert(专家定义)

Originally prepared by Lucia Benabentos of the Cornell Law School Securities Law Clinic.

Experts can provide necessary information that supports claims made by either the claimant or the respondent. The decision to hire an expert depends on a number of factors:


King's Bench


Historically, the highest court in England during the reign of a king (called the Queen's Bench during the reign of a queen). Also called Court of King's Bench and Coram Rege Court. Abbreviated as K.B.

Illustrative caselaw

See, e.g. Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36, 45 (2004) (discussing a 1696 King's Bench decision).



1) In evidence  

The basis for admitting testimony or evidence into evidence. For example, an attorney must lay a foundation in order to admit an expert witness' testimony or a company's business records into evidence. Laying a foundation establishes the qualifications of a witness or the authenticity of evidence. 

2) Fund or endowment

A fund or endowment established for a benevolent purpose, such as charity, religion, education, or research.


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