17 CFR § 49.8 - Procedures for implementing swap data repository rules.

§ 49.8 Procedures for implementing swap data repository rules.

(a) Request for Commission approval of rules. An applicant for registration as a swap data repository may request that the Commission approve under Section 5c(c) of the Act, any or all of its rules and subsequent amendments thereto, prior to their implementation or, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 5c(c)(2) of the Act, at anytime thereafter, under the procedures of § 40.5 of this chapter.

(b) Notwithstanding the timeline under § 40.5(c) of this chapter, the rules of a swap data repository that have been submitted for Commission approval at the same time as an application for registration under § 49.3 of this part or to reinstate the registration of a dormant swap data repository, as defined in § 40.1 of this chapter, will be deemed approved by the Commission no earlier than when the swap data repository is deemed to be registered or reinstated.

(c) Self-certification of rules. Rules of a swap data repository not voluntarily submitted for prior Commission approval pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section must be submitted to the Commission with a certification that the rule or rule amendment complies with the Act or rules thereunder pursuant to the procedures of § 40.6 of this chapter, as applicable.