20 CFR Subpart E - Subpart E—Deductions; Reductions; and Nonpayments of Benefits

  1. § 404.401 Deduction, reduction, and nonpayment of monthly benefits or lump-sum death payments.
  2. § 404.401a When we do not pay benefits because of a disability beneficiary's work activity.
  3. § 404.402 Interrelationship of deductions, reductions, adjustments, and nonpayment of benefits.
  4. § 404.403 Reduction where total monthly benefits exceed maximum family benefits payable.
  5. § 404.404 How reduction for maximum affects insured individual and other persons entitled on his earnings record.
  6. § 404.405 Situations where total benefits can exceed maximum because of “savings clause.”
  7. § 404.406 Reduction for maximum because of retroactive effect of application for monthly benefits.
  8. § 404.407 Reduction because of entitlement to other benefits.
  9. § 404.408 Reduction of benefits based on disability on account of receipt of certain other disability benefits provided under Federal, State, or local laws or plans.
  10. § 404.408a Reduction where spouse is receiving a Government pension.
  11. § 404.408b Reduction of retroactive monthly social security benefits where supplemental security income (SSI) payments were received for the same period.
  12. § 404.409 What is full retirement age?
  13. § 404.410 How does SSA reduce my benefits when my entitlement begins before full retirement age?
  14. § 404.411 How are benefits reduced for age when a person is entitled to two or more benefits?
  15. § 404.412 After my benefits are reduced for age when and how will adjustments to that reduction be made?
  16. § 404.413 After my benefits are reduced for age what happens if there is an increase in my primary insurance amount?
  17. § 404.415 Deductions because of excess earnings.
  18. § 404.417 Deductions because of noncovered remunerative activity outside the United States; 45 hour and 7-day work test.
  19. § 404.418 “Noncovered remunerative activity outside the United States,” defined.
  20. § 404.420 Persons deemed entitled to benefits based on an individual's earnings record.
  21. § 404.421 How are deductions made when a beneficiary fails to have a child in his or her care?
  22. § 404.423 Manner of making deductions.
  23. § 404.424 Total amount of deductions where more than one deduction event occurs in a month.
  24. § 404.425 Total amount of deductions where deduction events occur in more than 1 month.
  25. § 404.428 Earnings in a taxable year.
  26. § 404.429 Earnings; defined.
  27. § 404.430 Monthly and annual exempt amounts defined; excess earnings defined.
  28. § 404.434 Excess earnings; method of charging.
  29. § 404.435 Excess earnings; months to which excess earnings can or cannot be charged; grace year defined.
  30. § 404.436 Excess earnings; months to which excess earnings cannot be charged because individual is deemed not entitled to benefits.
  31. § 404.437 Excess earnings; benefit rate subject to deductions because of excess earnings.
  32. § 404.439 Partial monthly benefits; excess earnings of the individual charged against his benefits and the benefits of persons entitled (or deemed entitled) to benefits on his earnings record.
  33. § 404.440 Partial monthly benefits; pro-rated share of partial payment exceeds the benefit before deduction for excess earnings.
  34. § 404.441 Partial monthly benefits; insured individual and another person entitled (or deemed entitled) on the same earnings record both have excess earnings.
  35. § 404.446 Definition of “substantial services” and “services.”
  36. § 404.447 Evaluation of factors involved in substantial services test.
  37. § 404.450 Required reports of work outside the United States or failure to have care of a child.
  38. § 404.451 Penalty deductions for failure to report within prescribed time limit noncovered remunerative activity outside the United States or not having care of a child.
  39. § 404.452 Reports to Social Security Administration of earnings; wages; net earnings from self-employment.
  40. § 404.453 Penalty deductions for failure to report earnings timely.
  41. § 404.454 Good cause for failure to make required reports.
  42. § 404.455 Request by Social Security Administration for reports of earnings and estimated earnings; effect of failure to comply with request.
  43. § 404.456 Current suspension of benefits because an individual works or engages in self-employment.
  44. § 404.457 Deductions where taxes neither deducted from wages of certain maritime employees nor paid.
  45. § 404.458 Limiting deductions where total family benefits payable would not be affected or would be only partly affected.
  46. § 404.459 Penalty for making false or misleading statements or withholding information.
  47. § 404.460 Nonpayment of monthly benefits to aliens outside the United States.
  48. § 404.461 Nonpayment of lump sum after death of alien outside United States for more than 6 months.
  49. § 404.462 Nonpayment of hospital and medical insurance benefits of alien outside United States for more than 6 months.
  50. § 404.463 Nonpayment of benefits of aliens outside the United States; “foreign social insurance system,” and “treaty obligation” exceptions defined.
  51. § 404.464 How does deportation or removal from the United States affect the receipt of benefits?
  52. § 404.465 Conviction for subversive activities; effect on monthly benefits and entitlement to hospital insurance benefits.
  53. § 404.466 Conviction for subversive activities; effect on enrollment for supplementary medical insurance benefits.
  54. § 404.467 Nonpayment of benefits; individual entitled to disability insurance benefits or childhood disability benefits based on statutory blindness is engaging in substantial gainful activity.
  55. § 404.468 Nonpayment of benefits to prisoners.
  56. § 404.469 Nonpayment of benefits where individual has not furnished or applied for a Social Security number.
  57. § 404.470 Nonpayment of disability benefits due to noncompliance with rules regarding treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism.
  58. § 404.471 Nonpayment of disability benefits for trial work period service months upon a conviction of fraudulently concealing work activity.
  59. § 404.480 Paying benefits in installments: Drug addiction or alcoholism.
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