21 CFR § 112.129 - What requirements apply to toilet facilities?

§ 112.129 What requirements apply to toilet facilities?

All of the following requirements apply to toilet facilities:

(a) You must provide personnel with adequate, readily accessible toilet facilities, including toilet facilities readily accessible to growing areas during harvesting activities.

(b) Your toilet facilities must be designed, located, and maintained to:

(1) Prevent contamination of covered produce, food contact surfaces, areas used for a covered activity, water sources, and water distribution systems with human waste;

(2) Be directly accessible for servicing, be serviced and cleaned at a frequency sufficient to ensure suitability of use, and be kept supplied with toilet paper; and

(3) Provide for the sanitary disposal of waste and toilet paper.

(c) During growing activities that take place in a fully-enclosed building, and during covered harvesting, packing, or holding activities, you must provide a hand-washing station in sufficiently close proximity to toilet facilities to make it practical for persons who use the toilet facility to wash their hands.