21 CFR § 112.130 - What requirements apply for hand-washing facilities?

§ 112.130 What requirements apply for hand-washing facilities?

All of the following requirements apply to hand-washing facilities:

(a) You must provide personnel with adequate, readily accessible hand-washing facilities during growing activities that take place in a fully-enclosed building, and during covered harvest, packing, or holding activities.

(b) Your hand-washing facilities must be furnished with:

(1) Soap (or other effective surfactant);

(2) Running water that satisfies the requirements of § 112.44(a) for water used to wash hands; and

(3) Adequate drying devices (such as single service towels, sanitary towel service, or electric hand dryers).

(c) You must provide for appropriate disposal of waste (for example, waste water and used single-service towels) associated with a hand-washing facility and take appropriate measures to prevent waste water from a hand-washing facility from contaminating covered produce, food contact surfaces, areas used for a covered activity, agricultural water sources, and agricultural water distribution systems with known or reasonably foreseeable hazards.

(d) You may not use antiseptic hand rubs as a substitute for soap (or other effective surfactant) and water.