1. § 309.1 How do the regulations in this part carry out the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990?
  2. § 309.2 What are the key definitions for purposes of the Act?
  3. § 309.6 When does a commercial product become an Indian product?
  4. § 309.7 How should a seller disclose the nature and degree of Indian labor when selling, offering, or displaying art and craft work for sale?
  5. § 309.8 For marketing purposes, what is the recommended method of identifying authentic Indian products?
  6. § 309.9 When can non-Indians make and sell products in the style of Indian arts and crafts?
  7. § 309.10 What are some sample categories and examples of Indian products?
  8. § 309.11 What are examples of jewelry that are Indian products?
  9. § 309.12 What are examples of basketry that are Indian products?
  10. § 309.13 What are examples of other weaving and textiles that are Indian products?
  11. § 309.14 What are examples of beadwork, quillwork, and moose hair tufting that are Indian products?
  12. § 309.15 What are examples of apparel that are Indian products?
  13. § 309.16 What are examples of regalia that are Indian products?
  14. § 309.17 What are examples of woodwork that are Indian products?
  15. § 309.18 What are examples of hide, leatherwork, and fur that are Indian products?
  16. § 309.19 What are examples of pottery and ceramics that are Indian products?
  17. § 309.20 What are examples of sculpture, carving, and pipes that are Indian products?
  18. § 309.21 What are examples of dolls and toys that are Indian products?
  19. § 309.22 What are examples of painting and other fine art forms that are Indian products?
  20. § 309.23 Does this part apply to products made before 1935?
  21. § 309.24 How will statements about Indian origin of art or craft products be interpreted?
  22. § 309.25 How can an individual be certified as an Indian artisan?
  23. § 309.26 What penalties apply?
  24. § 309.27 How are complaints filed?
61 FR 54555, Oct. 21, 1996, unless otherwise noted.
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