27 CFR § 5.10 - Other related regulations.

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§ 5.10 Other related regulations.

(a) TTB regulations. Other TTB regulations that relate to distilled spirits are listed in paragraphs (a)(1) through (8) of this section:

(1) 27 CFR part 1—Basic Permit Requirements under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, Nonindustrial Use of Distilled Spirits and Wine, Bulk Sales and Bottling of Distilled Spirits;

(2) 27 CFR part 13—Labeling Proceedings;

(3) 27 CFR part 16—Alcoholic Beverage Health Warning Statement;

(4) 27 CFR part 19—Distilled Spirits Plants;

(5) 27 CFR Part 26—Liquors and Articles from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands;

(6) 27 CFR Part 27—Importation of Distilled Spirits, Wines, and Beer;

(7) 27 CFR Part 28—Exportation of Alcohol; and

(8) 27 CFR Part 71—Rules of Practice in Permit Proceedings.

(b) Other Federal Regulations. The regulations listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (8) of this section issued by other Federal agencies also may apply:

(1) 7 CFR Part 205—National Organic Program;

(2) 19 CFR Part 11—Packing and Stamping; Marking;

(3) 19 CFR Part 102—Rules of Origin;

(4) 19 CFR Part 134—Country of Origin Marking;

(5) 21 CFR Part 1—General Enforcement Regulations, Subpart H, Registration of Food Facilities, and Subpart I, Prior Notice of Imported Food;

(6) 21 CFR Parts 7082, which pertain to food and color additives;

(7) 21 CFR Part 110—Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food; and

(8) 21 CFR Parts 170189, which pertain to food additives and secondary direct food additives.