36 CFR § 9.83 - What information must be included in all applications?

§ 9.83 What information must be included in all applications?

All applications must include the information required by this section.

All operations permit applications must include information on . . . and must include the following detailed information . . .
(a) Ownership documentation demonstrating that you hold a right, and the extent of such right, to operate within the System unit.
(b) The owner/operator names, addresses, and other contact information for:
(1) The operator;
(2) The owner;
(3) Any agents, assignees, designees, contractors, or other representatives of the operator including those responsible for overall management, field supervision, and emergency response of the proposed operations.
(c) Existing conditions and proposed area of operations all the information required by § 9.84.
(d) Reclamation plan (1) A description of the equipment and methods used to meet the operating standards for reclamation at § 9.116; and
(2) A breakdown of the estimated costs that a third party would charge to complete reclamation as proposed in your reclamation plan.
(e) Use of water (1) The source (including documentation verifying a water right), quantity, access route, and transportation/conveyance method for all water to be used in access road and pad construction, well drilling, stimulation, and production; and
(2) Estimations of any anticipated waste water volumes generated and how they will be managed (i.e. handled, temporary stored, disposed, recycled, reused) throughout stages of the operation.
(f) Environmental conditions and mitigation actions all the information required by § 9.85.
(g) The spill control and emergency preparedness plan all the information required by § 9.86.