7 CFR § 59.205 - Mandatory reporting of wholesale pork sales.

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§ 59.205 Mandatory reporting of wholesale pork sales.

(a) Daily reporting. The corporate officers or officially designated representatives of each packer processing plant shall report to the Secretary at least twice each reporting day for barrows and gilts (once by 10 a.m. central time, and once by 2 p.m. central time) and once each reporting day for sows and boars (by 2 p.m. central time) the following information on total pork sales established on that day inclusive since the last reporting as described in § 59.10(b):

(1) The price for each wholesale pork sale, as defined herein, quoted in dollars per hundredweight on an F.O.B. Plant and an F.O.B. Omaha basis as outlined in § 59.205(d). The price shall include brokerage fees, if applicable. All direct, specific, and identifiable marketing costs (such as point of purchase material, marketing funds, accruals, rebates, and export costs) shall be deducted from the net price if applicable and known at the time of sale;

(2) The quantity for each pork sale, quoted by number of pounds sold; and

(3) The information regarding the characteristics of each sale is as follows:

(i) The type of sale;

(ii) Pork item description;

(iii) Pork item product code;

(iv) The product delivery period, in calendar days;

(v) The pork class (barrow/gilt, sow, boar);

(vi) Destination (Domestic, Export/Overseas, NAFTA);

(vii) Type of Refrigeration (Fresh, Frozen, age range of fresh product); and

(viii) Specialty pork product, if applicable

(b) Publication. The Secretary shall make available to the public the information obtained under paragraph (a) of this section not less frequently than twice each reporting day for gilt and barrow product and once each reporting day for sow and boar product.

(c) The Secretary shall obtain product specifications upon request.

(d) The Secretary shall provide freight information for the purpose of calculating prices on an F.O.B. Omaha basis. The Secretary shall provide this information periodically, but not less than quarterly.

[77 FR 50574, Aug. 22, 2012]