9 CFR § 319.141 - Fresh pork sausage.

§ 319.141 Fresh pork sausage.

“Fresh Pork Sausage” is sausage prepared with fresh pork or frozen pork or both, but not including pork byproducts, and may contain Mechanically Separated (Species) in accordance with § 319.6, and may be seasoned with condimental substances as permitted under part 318 of this subchapter. The finished product shall not contain more than 50 percent fat. To facilitate chopping or mixing, water or ice may be used in an amount not to exceed 3 percent of the total ingredients used.

[35 FR 15597, Oct. 3, 1970, as amended at 43 FR 26424, June 20, 1978; 47 FR 28257, 28258, June 29, 1982]

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