N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 904.02 - Interconnection Application

(a) To initiate the process to engage in net energy metering, a customer-generator shall file with its distribution utility and, if applicable, its electricity supplier, an interconnection application.
(b) When filing an application with the distribution utility, to obtain evidence of the filing and the date of filing, the applicant shall:
(1) File the application by certified mail;
(2) Obtain a dated acknowledgment of receipt from the distribution utility; or
(3) Obtain written or electronic verification of receipt from the distribution utility by other means consistent with (1) and (2) above.
(c) The interconnection application shall include the following:
(1) Applicant information which shall include:
a. The customer-generator's name;
b. The customer-generator's full mailing address;
c. The facility location, if different from the address listed pursuant to b. above;
d. The customer-generator's daytime and evening telephone numbers;
e. The information provided in a., b., and d. above for an alternative contact person when the customer-generator is unavailable;
f. The name of the local distribution utility and the customer-generator's account number; and
g. If different than the distribution utility, the name of the customer-generator's electricity supplier and the customer-generator's account number with that supplier;
(2) Generating facility information, including:
a. The generator type, whether solar, wind, hydroelectric, or other renewable energy source used to generate electricity, as listed in RSA 362-F:4 (a) through (k), I;
b. The generator manufacturer, model name, and model number;
c. The number of phases of the unit, whether single or 3-phase;
d. The power rating of the generation output of the system in kilowatts;
e. If applicable, the inverter manufacturer, model name, and model number;
f. Whether or not a storage system will be used in connection with the facility; and
g. Whether an exterior manual disconnect switch for utility use shall be installed, if the capacity size of the facility is less than or equal to 10 kilowatts; and
(3) Installation information and certification, which shall include:
a. Whether the generator will be installed by the owner;
b. The installation date;
c. The anticipated interconnection date;
d. The name, complete address, telephone number, and license number of the installing electrician, if applicable;
e. The name and company affiliation of the vendor selling the generator to the customer-generator;
f. The signature, with the date of signature, of the vendor, certifying that the facility hardware is in compliance with Puc 900;
g. Certification, if applicable, that the facility has been installed in compliance with the local municipal building and electrical codes in the form of:
1. A signed and dated certificate by the applicable local code official; or
2. A copy of a signed and dated final inspection certificate from the municipality;
h. A signed and dated certification by the customer-generator that:
1. The customer-generator has installed and shall operate the generation system in compliance with applicable electrical standards;
2. The initial start-up test required by Puc 905.04 has been successfully completed; and
3. To the best of the customer-generator's knowledge, all of the information contained in the interconnection notice is true and correct; and
i. Any information provided under Puc 904.01.
(d) A customer-generator may submit an interconnection application to its distribution utility when the customer-generator's facility has not been fully installed and tested, but shall:
(1) Provide in writing in connection with the interconnection application, a description of any manner in which the facility is not fully connected and tested, or is not yet otherwise in compliance;
(2) Fulfill any unmet requirements prior to interconnection of the facility; and
(3) Upon completion of any unmet interconnection requirements, provide the distribution utility with any necessary updated written certifications required by this part.
(e) The distribution utility shall not interconnect the facility until all requirements pursuant to (c) and (d) above have been met.
(f) Upon request, the distribution utility shall provide to the customer-generator written confirmation that the interconnection application has been received and the date of receipt as follows:
(1) If the application is filed in person, immediately; or
(2) If the application is filed by mail or other means, within 10 business days of receipt, with written acknowledgement that states that:
a. The application is complete; or
b. That the application is incomplete and specifying the information necessary to complete the application requirements.
(g) When the distribution utility provides a receipt for an application, it may clarify that the receipt acknowledges the date and fact of a filing, but not approval of the filing.


N.H. Code Admin. R. Puc 904.02

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