TOPN: Part I of the Interstate Commerce Act

Part I of the Interstate Commerce Act

24 Stat. 379, ch. 104
part I
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
511Rev. T.491240
3-5Rev. T.493-5
5aRev. T.495b
18 CFR
5bRev. T.495c
6-10Rev. T.496-10
11-13Rev. T.4911-13
13aRev. T.4913a
14, 15Rev. T.49
14, 15
15aRev. T.4915a
16Rev. T.4916
16aRev. T.4916a
2Rev. T.492
1aRev. T.491a
1Rev. T.491
18 CFR
510Rev. T.491239a
501-509Rev. T.491231-1239
407-422Rev. T.491007-1022
406aRev. T.491006a
401-406Rev. T.491001-1006
325Rev. T.49923
323, 324Rev. T.49
922a, 922b
321, 322Rev. T.49
921, 922
320Rev. T.49153, 153 nt
Rep.4927 nt
18 CFR
17Rev. T.4917
18, 19Rev. T.49
18, 19
211-213Rev. T.49311-313
214Rev. T.1577c
17 CFR
214Rev. T.49314
215-224Rev. T.49315-324
225Rev. T.49324a
226Rev. T.49325
226ARev. T.49325a
227, 228Rev. T.49
326, 327
301-312Rev. T.49901-912
312aRev. T.49912a
210aRev. T.49310a
18 CFR
205-210Rev. T.49305-310
204aRev. T.49304a
19aRev. T.4919a
20Rev. T.4920
18 CFR
20a-20cRev. T.4920a-20c
21, 22Rev. T.49
21, 22
23Rev. T.4923
24Rev. T.49
11, 18
§ 11
19 CFR
25Rev. T.49
25, 26
26-28Rev. T.49
26a, 26c
29Rev. T.4927
18 CFR
201-204Rev. T.49301-304
313-320Rev. T.49913-920