TOPN: Part III of the Interstate Commerce Act

Part III of the Interstate Commerce Act

54 Stat. 929, ch. 104
part III, as added Sept. 18, 1940, ch. 722, title II,Sec 201
this act refers to only a portion of the Statute; the tables below are for the entire Statute
Pub. L. SectionStatusUnited States Code
511Rev. T.491240
3-5Rev. T.493-5
5aRev. T.495b
18 CFR
5bRev. T.495c
6-10Rev. T.496-10
11-13Rev. T.4911-13
13aRev. T.4913a
14, 15Rev. T.49
14, 15
15aRev. T.4915a
16Rev. T.4916
16aRev. T.4916a
2Rev. T.492
1aRev. T.491a
1Rev. T.491
18 CFR
510Rev. T.491239a
501-509Rev. T.491231-1239
407-422Rev. T.491007-1022
406aRev. T.491006a
401-406Rev. T.491001-1006
325Rev. T.49923
323, 324Rev. T.49
922a, 922b
321, 322Rev. T.49
921, 922
320Rev. T.49153, 153 nt
Rep.4927 nt
18 CFR
17Rev. T.4917
18, 19Rev. T.49
18, 19
211-213Rev. T.49311-313
214Rev. T.1577c
17 CFR
214Rev. T.49314
215-224Rev. T.49315-324
225Rev. T.49324a
226Rev. T.49325
226ARev. T.49325a
227, 228Rev. T.49
326, 327
301-312Rev. T.49901-912
312aRev. T.49912a
210aRev. T.49310a
18 CFR
205-210Rev. T.49305-310
204aRev. T.49304a
19aRev. T.4919a
20Rev. T.4920
18 CFR
20a-20cRev. T.4920a-20c
21, 22Rev. T.49
21, 22
23Rev. T.4923
24Rev. T.49
11, 18
§ 11
19 CFR
25Rev. T.49
25, 26
26-28Rev. T.49
26a, 26c
29Rev. T.4927
18 CFR
201-204Rev. T.49301-304
313-320Rev. T.49913-920