21 CFR § 139.121 - Nonfat milk macaroni products.

§ 139.121 Nonfat milk macaroni products.

(a) Each of the macaroni products made with nonfat milk for which a definition and standard of identity is prescribed by this section conforms to the definition and standard of identity, and is subject to the requirements for label statement of ingredients, prescribed for macaroni products by § 139.110(a), (f)(2), (f)(3), (f)(4), and (g), except that:


(i) In preparing the dough, nonfat dry milk or concentrated skim milk, or a mixture of these, is used in an amount such that the finished macaroni product made with nonfat milk contains by weight not less than 12 percent and not more than 25 percent of milk solids-not-fat. Carrageenan or salts of carrageenan conforming to the requirements of §§ 172.620 and 172.626 of this chapter may be used in a quantity not in excess of 0.833 percent by weight of the milk solids-not-fat used.

(ii) When the ingredient carrageenan or the salts of carrageenan specified in paragraph (a)(1)(i) of this section is used, the label shall bear the statement, “Carrageenan added” or “Salts of carrageenan added” or the statement “With added carrageenan” or “With added salts of carrageenan”, in the manner further prescribed by § 139.110(f)(4).

(2) None of the optional ingredients permitted by § 139.110(a) (1), (2), and (5) are used.

(b) The name of each food for which a definition and standard of identity is prescribed by this section is “Macaroni products made with nonfat milk” or, alternatively, the name is “Macaroni made with nonfat milk”, “Spaghetti made with nonfat milk” or “Vermicelli made with nonfat milk”, as the case may be when the units of the food conform to the specifications of shape and size prescribed by § 139.110 (b), (c), or (d), respectively.

[42 FR 14409, Mar. 15, 1977, as amended at 58 FR 2878, Jan. 6, 1993]