30 CFR § 827.12 - Coal preparation plants: Performance standards.

§ 827.12 Coal preparation plants: Performance standards.

Except as provided in § 827.13 of this part, the construction, operation, maintenance, modification, reclamation, and removal activities at coal preparation plants shall comply with the following:

(a) Signs and markers for the coal preparation plant, coal processing waste disposal area, and water-treatment facilities shall comply with § 816.11 of this chapter.

(b) Any stream channel diversion shall comply with § 816.43 of this chapter.

(c) Drainage from any disturbed area related to the coal preparation plant shall comply with §§ 816.45 through 816.47 of this chapter, and all discharges from these areas shall meet the requirements of §§ 816.41 and 816.42 of this chapter and any other applicable State or Federal law.

(d) Permanent impoundments associated with coal preparation plants shall meet the requirements of §§ 816.49 and 816.56 of this chapter. Dams constructed of, or impounding, coal processing waste shall comply with § 816.84 of this chapter.

(e) Disposal of coal processing waste, noncoal mine waste, and excess spoil shall comply with §§ 816.81, 816.83, 816.84, 816.87, 816.89, and 816.71 through 816.74 of this chapter, respectively.

(f) Fish, wildlife, and related environmental values shall be protection in accordance with § 816.97 of this chapter.

(g) Support facilities related to the coal preparation plant shall comply with § 816.181 of this chapter.

(h) Roads shall comply with §§ 816.150 and 816.151 of this chapter.

(i) Cessation of operations shall be in accordance with §§ 816.131 and 816.132 of this chapter.

(j) Erosion and air pollution attendant to erosion shall be controlled in accordance with § 816.95 of this chapter.

(k) Adverse effects upon, or resulting from, nearby underground coal mining activities shall be minimized by appropriate measures including, but not limited to, compliance with § 816.79 of this chapter.

(l) Reclamation shall follow proper topsoil handling, backfilling and grading, revegetation, and postmining land use procedures in accordance with §§ 816.22, 816.100. 816.102, 816.104, 816.106, 816.111, 816.113, 816.114, 816.116, and 816.133 of this chapter, respectively.

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