Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 60LER-19.1 - Administrative Leave

(1) Administrative leave counts as hours of pay, but does not count as hours of work for overtime purposes.
(2) Approval of administrative leave, under subsection (3) of this rule or otherwise, is limited to an amount necessary to bring the employee to full pay for forty hours of work in the workweek, the number of approved hours in the extended work period, or the number of hours in the work period. In no case shall the approval of administrative leave cause the employee to exceed forty hours during the workweek, hours in an approved extended work period, or hours in the regular work period for excluded employees.
(3) An agency shall comply with the following provisions when granting administrative leave for the reasons described.
(a) Jury Duty:

An employee who is summoned as a member of a jury panel shall be granted administrative leave with pay for hours required for such duty not to exceed the number of hours in the employee's normal workday; however, if the jury duty does not require absence for the entire workday, the employee shall return to duty immediately upon release by the court. If the employee's court attendance does not coincide with the employee's regular work schedule, the employee shall be granted administrative leave based on the total hours served on jury duty, not to exceed the number of hours in the employee's regular workday. Such leave shall be granted on the next scheduled work shift following each day the employee is in court. Jury fees shall be retained by the employee.

(b) Witness:
1. An employee subpoenaed as a witness, or to give a deposition, in a court or an administrative hearing, not involving personal litigation or service as a paid expert witness shall be granted administrative leave with pay, and witness fees shall be retained by the employee.
2. An employee subpoenaed in the line of duty to represent a state agency as a witness or defendant shall not be granted administrative leave, and appearance in such cases shall be considered a part of the employee's job assignment. The employee shall be paid per diem and travel expenses and shall be required to turn over to the agency any fees received from the court.
3. In no case shall administrative leave with pay be granted for court attendance when an employee is engaged in personal litigation or service as a paid expert witness.
(c) Examination for military service:

An employee who is ordered to appear for an examination for entrance into the military service shall be granted leave with pay for this purpose on the day of the examination.

(d) Death in family:
1. An employee, upon request, shall be granted two days of administrative leave with pay on the death of the employee's spouse and on the death of the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren of either the employee or the spouse.
2. Each employee requesting administrative leave due to death in the family shall submit a statement to the appropriate authority stating the name of, and relationship to, the deceased.
(e) Closing facilities under emergency conditions:
1. When offices are closed pursuant to Executive Order of the Governor:
a. Employees assigned to the facilities the agency has closed shall be released from duty and granted administrative leave for the period the facility is closed, unless and except for those employees the agency determines are necessary for providing essential services. Those employees whom the agency requires to report for duty to provide essential services shall be granted special compensatory leave credits for the hours worked during the period the facility is closed only if they hold a position below that of bureau chief (or bureau chief comparable as defined in Section 20.04(3)(b), Florida Statutes).
b. If the Executive Order issued by the Governor does not specify an ending time and date, the agency's authority under this subsection shall be limited to two consecutive calendar days. Any action beyond two days shall require approval by the Department.
2. Other:

In any other disaster or emergency condition that may necessitate the closing of facilities in an area, the agency shall have the authority and responsibility to determine whether agency offices or facilities, or any portion thereof, are affected by the emergency and are to be closed. The Department must approve the closing of any agency facility or portion thereof for more than two consecutive work days. The Department must approve the closing of any Department-operated state facility. In such cases, employees' attendance and leave shall be handled as prescribed in subparagraph (e)1. above.

(f) Formal investigation:

An employee under formal investigation by an agency for violation of a rule or statute for which dismissal is a penalty, shall temporarily be assigned other duties if deemed advisable by the agency, or placed on administrative leave if the employee's absence from the work location is essential to the investigation. The agency shall report in writing to the Department whenever it grants such leave.

(g) Elections:

Any employee may be granted up to one hour of leave with pay for the purpose of voting during normal working hours. An employee shall not be granted administrative leave to work at the polls during elections.

(h) Examinations and interviews:

An employee may be granted up to two hours of leave with pay for the purpose of taking examinations before a state agency, provided such examinations are pertinent to state employment or for the purpose of having interviews for positions within the State Personnel System.

(i) Mentoring:
1. Each employee may be granted up to one hour of administrative leave per week, not to exceed five hours per calendar month, to participate in the Governor's Mentoring Initiative, including the following school or community voluntary activities:
a. Mentoring, tutoring, guest speaking and, when participating in an established mentoring program serving a school district, providing any related services at the direction of the program or volunteer coordinator.
b. Participating in community service programs that meet child, elder, or human needs, including Guardian Ad Litem, Big-Brother/Big Sister, Senior Corps, and Adult Literacy.
2. The supervisor may approve the aggregated use of up to four hours in any calendar month, provided the agency deems such usage appropriate for the delivery of services under sub-subparagraph a. and b. In such cases no further administrative leave shall be granted pursuant to sub-subparagraph a. or b. until one week has elapsed for every additional hour taken in the aggregate.
3. In granting administrative leave for any purpose under this section, the supervisor shall take into consideration the impact of such leave on the employee's work unit.
4. If an employee does not use administrative leave as authorized in this section, the employee shall not accrue or be paid for such leave.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 60LER-19.1

Specific Authority 110.201, 110.219(5) FS. Law Implemented 110.219 FS.

New 1-1-02, Amended 10-26-06, Amended by Florida Register Volume 45, Number 172, September 4, 2019 effective 8/30/2019.

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