Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 62C-27.007 - Drilling Fluid

(1) The operator shall maintain readily accessible for use quantities of mud and mud additives sufficient to insure well control. The testing procedures, characteristics and use of drilling fluid and the conduct of related drilling procedures shall be such as are necessary to prevent blowouts. Necessary mud testing equipment and mud volume measuring devices shall be maintained at all times, and mud tests shall be performed frequently and recorded in the driller's log.
(2) Before starting out of hole with drill pipe, the drilling fluid shall be circulated with drill pipe just off bottom until the drilling fluid is properly conditioned to insure a safe trip. When coming out of the hole with drill pipe, the annulus shall be filled with drilling fluid before the drilling fluid level drops below 100 feet, and a mechanical device for measuring the amount of drilling fluid required to fill the hole shall be utilized. The volume of drilling fluid required to fill the hole shall be watched, and any time there is an indication of swabbing, or an influx of formation fluids, the necessary safety device(s) shall be installed on the drill pipe, the drill pipe shall be run to bottom and the drilling fluid properly conditioned. The drilling fluid shall not be circulated and conditioned except on or near bottom, unless well conditions prevent running the pipe to bottom. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply when drilling in lost circulation zones.
(3) Drilling fluid testing equipment shall be maintained on the drilling location at all times, and drilling fluid tests shall be performed daily, or more frequently as conditions warrant.
(4) The following drilling fluid system monitoring equipment, with derrick floor indicators, shall be installed and used throughout the period of drilling after setting and cementing surface casing, if weighted drilling fluid is required.
(a) Pit level and mud flow indicators with charts and alarms.
(b) A drilling fluid volume measuring device for accurately determining volumes required to fill the hole on trips.
(c) A drilling fluid return indicator to determine that returns essentially equal the pump discharge rate.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 62C-27.007
Specific Authority 377.22 FS. Law Implemented 377.22 FS.
New 11-26-81, Formerly 16C-27.07, Amended 6-4-89, 5-12-93, Formerly 16C-27.007.

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