Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.605 - Radiation Safety Officer

(1) A licensee shall appoint a RSO who agrees in writing to be responsible for implementing the radiation safety program. The licensee, through the RSO, shall ensure that radiation safety activities are performed with approved procedures and regulatory requirements in the daily operation of the licensee's radioactive materials program.
(2) The radiation safety officer shall promptly investigate and implement corrective actions as necessary regarding:
(a) Overexposures;
(b) Accidents;
(c) Spills;
(d) Losses;
(e) Thefts;
(f) Unauthorized receipts, uses, transfers, and disposals; and
(g) Other deviations from approved radiation safety practice. A written report of these investigations and the corrective actions taken shall be given to management.
(3) The radiation safety officer shall implement written policies and procedures to:
(a) Authorize the purchase of radioactive material;
(b) Receive and open packages of radioactive material;
(c) Store radioactive material;
(d) Keep an inventory record of radioactive material;
(e) Use radioactive material safely;
(f) Take emergency action if control of radioactive material is lost;
(g) Perform periodic radiation surveys;
(h) Perform checks of survey instruments and other safety equipment;
(i) Dispose of radioactive material;
(j) Train personnel who work in or frequent areas where radioactive material is used or stored; and
(k) Keep a copy of all records and reports required by department regulations, a copy of these regulations, a copy of each licensing request and license including amendments, and the written policies and procedures required by the regulations.
(4) The radiation safety officer shall approve radiation safety program changes for medical use not at a medical institution with the consent of management prior to sending to the department for licensing action.
(5) The radiation safety officer shall assist the radiation safety committee for medical use at a medical institution.
(6) The RSO shall review, sign and date, at least every 3 months, the occupational radiation exposure records of all personnel working with radioactive material.
(7) The licensee shall retain a copy of both authority, duties, and responsibilities of the RSO and a signed copy of each RSO's agreement to be responsible for implementing the radiation safety program for the duration of the license. The records must include the signature of the RSO and licensee management.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.605
Rulemaking Authority 404.022, 404.051, 404.061, 404.071, 404.081, 404.141 FS. Law Implemented 404.022, 404.051(1), (4), (5), (6), (8), (9), (10), (11), 404.061(2), (3), 404.071(1), 404.081, 404.141 FS.
New 8-25-91, Formerly 10D-91.711, Amended 2-11-10.

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