Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.606 - Radiation Safety Committee

(1) Each license listed below shall establish a radiation safety committee to oversee the use of radioactive materials;
(a) Medical institutions as defined in Rule 64E-5.101, F.A.C.; or
(b) Other licenses authorized for any of the following medical uses:
1. Subsection 64E-5.627(2), F.A.C., and any subsection of Rule 64E-5.632 or 64E-5.634, F.A.C.;
2. Subsection 64E-5.627(3), F.A.C., and any subsection of Rule 64E-5.632 or 64E-5.634, F.A.C.;
3. Subsection 64E-5.627(4), F.A.C., and any subsection of Rule 64E-5.632 or 64E-5.634, F.A.C.;
4. Any subsection of Rule 64E-5.630, F.A.C., and any subsection of Rule 64E-5.632 or 64E-5.634, F.A.C.;
5. Subsections 64E-5.634(1) and 64E-5.634(2), F.A.C.;
6. Subsections 64E-5.634(1) and 64E-5.634(3), F.A.C.; or
7. Subsections 64E-5.634(2) and 64E-5.634(3), F.A.C.
(2) Membership of the radiation safety committee shall include an authorized user of each type of use permitted by the license, the RSO, a representative of the nursing service, and a representative of management who is neither an authorized user nor a RSO. Other members who are experienced in the assay of radioactive material and protection against radiation, such as an authorized medical physicist or a nuclear medicine technologist employed by or working under contract with the institution may be included as appropriate.
(3) The committee shall meet at least every 6 months. To establish a quorum and to conduct business, one-half of the committee's membership shall be present, including the RSO, or designee and the management representative, or designee.
(4) The minutes of each radiation safety committee meeting shall include:
(a) The date of the meeting;
(b) Members present;
(c) Members absent;
(d) Summary of deliberations and discussions;
(e) Recommended actions and the numerical results of all ballots; and
(f) Documentation of any reviews required in Rules 64E-5.604 and 64E-5.606, F.A.C.
(5) The committee shall provide each member with a copy of the meeting minutes and shall retain a copy for 5 years or until the department authorizes its disposition.
(6) The committee shall be responsible for monitoring the institutional program to maintain occupational doses as low as reasonably achievable.
(7) The committee shall review and approve any individual to be an authorized user, an authorized nuclear pharmacist, the RSO, or an authorized medical physicist based on safety and the training and experience standards of this part before sending a license application or request for amendment or renewal.
(8) The committee shall review and approve each proposed method of use of radioactive material based on safety.
(9) The committee shall review and approve procedures and radiation safety program changes based on safety and with the advice of the RSO and the management representative prior to sending to the department for licensing action.
(10) The committee shall review occupational radiation exposure records of all personnel working with radioactive material and all incidents involving radioactive material at least every 6 months, with the assistance of the RSO, to determine cause and review subsequent actions taken.
(11) The committee shall review the radioactive materials program at least every 12 months with the assistance of the RSO as described in subsection 64E-5.604(4), F.A.C.
(12) The committee shall establish levels for occupational dose that will result in investigations and considerations of action by the RSO when exceeded.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.606
Rulemaking Authority 404.022, 404.051, 404.061, 404.071, 404.081, 404.141 FS. Law Implemented 404.022, 404.051(1), (4), (5), (6), (8), (9), (10), (11), 404.061(2), (3), 404.071(1), 404.081, 404.141 FS.
New 8-25-91, Formerly 10D-91.712, Amended 8-6-01, 2-11-10.

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