Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.643 - Radiation Surveys for Teletherapy Facilities

(1) The licensee shall perform radiation surveys with an operable radiation survey instrument calibrated as provided in Rule 64E-5.615, F.A.C., before medical use, after each installation of a teletherapy source; following repairs to the source(s) driving unit, or other electronic or mechanical component that could expose the source(s), reduce shielding around the source(s), or compromise the radiation safety of the unit or the source(s); and after making any change for which an amendment is required by Rule 64E-5.636, F.A.C.
(a) The maximum and average radiation levels from the surface of the main source(s) safe with the source(s) in the shielded position do not exceed the levels stated in the Sealed Source and Device Registry.
(b) With the teletherapy source in the on position with the largest clinically available treatment field and with a scattering phantom in the primary beam of radiation, radiation levels in restricted areas shall be unlikely to cause any occupationally exposed individuals to receive a dose in excess of the limits specified in Rule 64E-5.304, F.A.C.; and radiation dose rates of any individual member of the public in unrestricted areas shall not exceed the limits specified in paragraph 64E-5.312(1)(c), F.A.C.
(2) If the results of the surveys required in subsection 64E-5.643(1), F.A.C., indicate any radiation levels in excess of the limits specified, the licensee shall lock the control in the off position and shall not use the unit:
(a) Except to repair, replace, or test the teletherapy unit, the teletherapy unit shielding, or the treatment room shielding; or
(b) Until the licensee has received a specific exemption from the department.
(3) A licensee shall maintain a record of the radiation measurements made following installation of a source for the duration of the license. The record shall include:
(a) The date of the measurements;
(b) The reason the survey is required;
(c) The manufacturer's name, model number and serial number of the teletherapy unit, the source, and the instrument used to measure radiation levels;
(d) Each dose rate measured around the teletherapy source while in the off position and the average of all measurements;
(e) A plan of the areas surrounding the treatment room that were surveyed;
(f) The measured dose rate at several points in each area expressed in millirems (microsieverts) per hour;
(g) The calculated maximum level of radiation over a period of 1 week for each restricted and unrestricted area; and
(h) The signature of the RSO or the authorized medical physicist.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.643

Rulemaking Authority 404.022, 404.051, 404.061, 404.071, 404.081, 404.141 FS. Law Implemented 404.022, 404.051(1), (4), (5), (6), (8), (9), (10), (11), 404.061(2), (3), 404.071(1), 404.081, 404.141 FS.

New 8-25-91, Amended 1-1-94, Formerly 10D-91.762, Amended 10-8-00, 2-11-10, 12-26-13.

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