Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65D-30.0047 - Facility Standards

Current through Reg. 48, No. 66; April 5, 2022

Facility standards in subsections (1)-(11) below apply to addictions receiving facilities, inpatient detoxification facilities, intensive inpatient treatment, and residential treatment facilities. Facility standards in subsections (6)-(11) apply to outpatient detoxification, day or night treatment with community housing, day or night treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and methadone medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction.

(1) Grounds. Each facility and its grounds shall be designed to meet the needs of the individuals served, the service objectives, and the needs of staff and visitors. Providers shall afford each individual access to the outdoors. Access may be restricted in cases where the individual presents a clear and present danger to self or others or is at risk for elopement.
(2) Space and Equipment. Provisions shall be made to ensure that adequate space and equipment are available for all of the service components of the facility, and the various functions within the facility.
(3) Personal Possessions. Provisions shall be made which will ensure that individuals have access to individual storage areas for clothing and personal possessions.
(4) Laundry Facilities. Laundry facilities or laundry services shall be available which ensure the availability of clean clothing, bed linens, and towels.
(5) Personal Hygiene. Items of personal hygiene shall be provided if the individual is unable to provide these items.
(6) Safety. Providers shall ensure the safety of individuals receiving services, staff, visitors, and the community to the extent allowable by law.
(7) Managing Disasters. Providers shall have written disaster preparedness plans as outlined in paragraph 65E-12.106(12)(a), F.A.C. In addition, the plan shall include procedures for the transfer of any individuals to other providers. In the cases of emergency temporary relocation, a provider must deliver or arrange for appropriate care and services to all individuals. All such plans shall be provided to the regional office upon request. The chief executive officer shall review, sign and date the plan at least annually.
(8) Housekeeping and Maintenance. Provisions shall be made to ensure that housekeeping and maintenance services are capable of keeping the building and equipment clean and in good repair.
(9) Hazardous Conditions. Buildings, grounds, equipment, and supplies shall be maintained, repaired, and cleaned so that they are not hazardous to the health and safety of individuals receiving services, staff, or visitors.
(10) Hazardous Materials. Providers shall ensure that hazardous materials are properly identified, handled, stored, used, and dispensed.
(11) Compliance with Local Codes. All licensed facilities used by a provider, including community housing, shall comply with local fire safety standards enforced by the State Fire Marshal, pursuant to section 633.104, F.S., rules established pursuant to rule chapter 69A-44, F.A.C., and with health and zoning codes enforced at the local level. Providers shall update and have proof of compliance with local fire and safety and health inspections annually for applicable components. (Inmate Substance Abuse Programs operated by or under contract with the Department of Corrections or the Department of Management Services, and Juvenile Justice Commitment Programs and detention facilities operated by or under contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice are exempt from this requirement.)


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65D-30.0047

Rulemaking Authority 397.321(5) FS. Law Implemented 397.321, 397.410 FS.

Adopted by Florida Register Volume 45, Number 157, August 13, 2019 effective 8/29/2019.

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