Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65G-5.003 - Planning for Supported Living Services

Current through Reg. 48, No. 66; April 5, 2022

(1) An individual's desire and willingness to participate in supported living shall be considered as part of the support planning process, and supported living services shall be authorized by the support plan when requested by the individual or the individual's guardian.
(2) The support plans of individuals in supported living are facilitated by the support coordinator and shall address the following with regard to supported living services:
(a) Frequency of supported living coaching services and specific areas of support required by the individual to live in his or her own home and participate in the local community;
(b) An explanation of the individual's need for the services;
(c) The person or agency responsible for providing the services;
(d) When services will be provided;
(e) The methodology that will be used to provide the services;
(f) How the individual can access supported living coaching services 24 hours a day for emergency assistance;
(g) How natural and generic supports available through family, friends, neighbors, and the community at large will be included in the support process;
(h) What supports are in place to meet the home and community safety needs of the individual;
(i) A financial profile that includes an accountable strategy for assisting the individual in money management, when requested by the individual or the individual's guardian; and
(j) The outcomes the individual wishes to achieve during the next year.
(3) Supported living services are authorized and provided in any of the following support areas based on functional assessment of the individual's capacities in the community and the individual's preferences.
(a) Housing procurement;
(b) Household maintenance and management;
(c) Safety and emergency procedures;
(d) 24-hour emergency assistance;
(e) Meal planning and preparation;
(f) Shopping and consumer skills;
(g) Clothing care;
(h) Self-care, manners and sexuality;
(i) Money management and banking;
(j) Utilizing third party benefits;
(k) Time management;
(l) Recreation and leisure;
(m) Mobility and travel skills;
(n) Civic responsibilities;
(o) Advocacy;
(p) Interpersonal communication;
(q) Facilitation of one-to-one relationships;
(r) Support counseling;
(s) Self-medication;
(t) Individual specific documentation;
(u) Meetings with the individual present;
(v) Quality assurance activities.
(4) The information required by Rule 65G-5.004, F.A.C., shall be identified on the individual support plan form or included in a separate implementation plan which is made part of the individual support plan by reference.
(5) The supported living coaching provider and the individual have authority to adjust the areas and level of coaching support in response to emerging needs and life changes of the individual. All such adjustments must be reviewed with the support coordinator at the time of the quarterly visit provided for in Rule 65G-5.006, F.A.C.
(6) Adjustments to the areas or levels of coaching support that affect the provider's rate agreement must be authorized prior to implementation by an update to the individual support plan. The support coordinator is responsible for updating the support plan and obtaining area office review and approval of funding.
(7) At least ten working days prior to the annual support plan review, the supported living coaching provider shall send the support coordinator a written summary regarding the supports and services provided during the past year and recommendations for the coming year.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65G-5.003
Specific Authority 393.501(1) FS. Law Implemented 393.063(45) FS.
New 1-18-95, Formerly 10F-11.006, 65B-11.006.

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