30 CFR § 947.773 - Requirements for permits and permit processing.

§ 947.773 Requirements for permits and permit processing.

(a) Part 773 of this chapter, Requirements for Permits and Permit Processing, shall apply to any person who applies for a permit for surface coal mining and reclamation operations.

(b) In addition to the requirements of part 773, the following permit application review procedures shall apply:

(1) Any person applying for a permit shall submit five copies of the application to the Office.

(2) The Office shall review an application for administrative completeness and acceptability for further review and shall notify the applicant in writing of the findings. The Office may:

(i) Reject a flagrantly deficient application, notifying the application of the findings:

(ii) Request additional information required for completeness stating specifically what information must be supplied and negotiate the date by which the information must be submitted; or

(iii) Judge the application administratively complete and acceptable for further review.

(3) Should the applicant not submit the information as required by § 947.773(b)(2)(ii) by the specified date, the Office may reject the application. When the applicant submits the required information by the specified date, the Office shall review it and advise the applicant concerning its acceptability.

(4) When the applicant is judged administratively complete, the applicant shall be advised by the Office to file the public notice required by § 773.6 of this chapter.

(5) A representative of the Office shall visit the proposed permit area to determine whether the operation and reclamation plans are consistent with actual site conditions. The applicant will be notified in advance of the time of the visit. At the time of the visit, the applicant shall have the locations of the proposed permit boundaries, topsoil storage areas, sediment control structures, roads, and other significant features contained in the application marked by flags.

(c) In addition to the information required by subchapter G of this chapter, the Office may require an applicant to submit supplementary information to ensure compliance with applicable Federal laws and regulations other than the Act.

(d) The Secretary shall coordinate, to the extent practicable, his responsibilities under the following Federal laws with the relevant Washington State laws to avoid duplication:

Federal law Washington law
(1) Clean Water Act, as amended 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq Water Pollution Control Act, Chapter 90.48 RCW
(2) Clean Air Act, as amended 42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq Washington Clean Air Act, Chapter 70.94 RCW.
(3) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 42 U.S.C. 3251 Solid Waste Management, Chapter 70.95 RCW: Hazardous Waste Disposal Act, Chapter 70.105 RCW.
(4) National Historic Preservation Act, RCW, 16 U.S.C. 470 et seq. Indian Graves and Records, Chapter 27.44.
(5) Archeological and Historic Preservation Act, 16 U.S.C. 469 et seq Archeological Sites and Resources, Chapter 27.53 RCW, Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, Chapter 43.51A, RCW.
(6) National Environmental Policy 42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq State Environmental Policy Act, Chapter 43.21C RCW.
(7) Coastal Zone Management Act 16 U.S.C. 1451, 1453-1464 Shoreline Management Act, Chapter 90.58, RCW.
(8) Section 208 of the Clean Water Act, as amended, 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq Water Pollution Control Act, Chapter 90.48 RCW: Washington Forest Practices Act, Chapter 76.09 RCW.
(9) Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq Natural Area Preserves Act (Plants), Chapter 79.70, RCW: Department of Game, Chapter 43.17 RCW: Game Commission, Chapter 77.08, RCW.
(10) Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act 16 U.S.C. 661-667 Water Resources Act of 1971, Chapter 90.54 RCW: Minimum Water Flows and Levels, Chapter 90.22 RCW.
(11) Noise Control Act, 42 U.S.C. 4903 Noise Control Act of 1974, Chapter 70.107 RCW.
(12) Bald Eagle Protection Act 16 U.S.C. 668-668(d)

(e) The Secretary shall coordinate the SMCRA permit with appropriate State and regional or local agencies to the extent possible, to avoid duplication with the following state and regional or local regulations:

(1) Department of Ecology:

Surface Water Rights Permit, RCW 90.03.250
Dam Safety Approval, RCW 90.03.350
Reservoir Permit, RCW 90.03.370
Approval of Change of Place or Purpose of Use (water) RCW 90.03.380
Ground Water Permit, RCW 90.44.050
New Source Construction Approval, RCW 79.94.152
Burning Permit, RCW 70.94.650
Flood Control Zone Permit, RCW 86.16.080
Waste Discharge Permit, RCW 90.48.180
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, RCW 90.48
Approval of Change of Point of Diversion, RCW 90.03.380
Sewage Facilities Approval, RCW 90.48.110
Water Quality Certification, RCW 90.48.160

(2) Department of Natural Resources:

Burning Permit, RCW 77.04.150 & .170
Dumping Permit, RCW 76.04.242
Operating Permit for Machinery, RCW 76.04.275
Cutting Permit, RCW 76.08.030
Forest Practices, RCW 76.09.060
Right of Way Clearing, RCW 76.04.310
Drilling Permit, RCW 78.52.120

(3) Regional Air Pollution Control Agencies:

New Source Construction Approval (RCW 70.94.152)
Burning Permit, RCW 70.94.650

(4) Department of Fisheries:

Hydraulic Permit, RCW 75.20

(5) Department of Game:

Hydraulic Permit, RCW 75.20.100

(6) Department of Social Health Services:

Public Sewage, WAC 248.92
Public Water Supply, WAC 248.54

(7) Department of Labor and Industries:

Explosive license, RCW 70.74.135
Blaster's license, WAC 296.52.040
Purchaser's license, WAC 296.52.220
Storage Magazine license, WAC 296.52.170

(8) Cities and Counties:

New Source Construction Approval. RCW 70.94.152
Burning Permit, RCW 79.94.650
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, RCW 90.58.140
Zoning and Building Permits, Local Ordinances

(f) Where applicable, no person shall conduct coal exploration operations which result in the removal of more than 250 tons in one location or surface coal mining and reclamation operations without first obtaining permits required by the State of Washington.

(g) The Secretary shall provide a copy of the decision to grant or deny a permit application to the Washington Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Ecology and to the County Department of Planning, if any, in which the operation is located.

[52 FR 13816, Apr. 24, 1987, as amended at 65 FR 79672, Dec. 19, 2000]