33 CFR § 154.100 - Applicability.

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§ 154.100 Applicability.

(a) This part applies to each facility that is capable of transferring oil or hazardous materials, in bulk, to or from a vessel, where the vessel has a total capacity, from a combination of all bulk products carried, of 39.75 cubic meters (250 barrels) or more. This part does not apply to the facility when it is in a caretaker status. This part does not apply to any offshore facility operating under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Department of Interior.

(b) Upon written notice to the facility operator, the COTP may apply, as necessary for the safety of the facility, its personnel, or the public, all or portions of § 154.735 to each facility that is capable of transferring oil or hazardous material, in bulk, only to or from a vessel with a capacity of less than 250 barrels. If the facility is in caretaker status, the COTP may not apply the provisions of § 154.735 to the facility if its storage tanks and piping are gas free.

(c) Upon a determination by the COTP under § 154.1016 that an MTR facility, as defined in subpart F, could reasonably be expected to cause substantial harm to the environment by discharging oil into or on the navigable waters, adjoining shorelines, or exclusive economic zone, subpart F of this part is applicable to the facility.

(d) The following sections of this part apply to mobile facilities:

(1) Section 154.105 Definitions.

(2) Section 154.107 Alternatives.

(3) Section 154.108 Exemptions.

(4) Section 154.110 Letter of Intent.

(5) Section 154.120 Facility examinations.

(6) Section 154.300 Operations Manual: General.

(7) Section 154.310 Operations Manual: Contents. Paragraphs (a)(2), (a)(3), (a)(5) through (a)(7), (a)(9), (a)(12), (a)(14), (a)(16), (a)(17)(ii) through (a)(17)(iv), (a)(18), (a)(20) through (23), (c) and (d).

(8) Section 154.320 Operations Manual: Amendment.

(9) Section 154.325 Operations Manual: Procedures for examination.

(10) Section 154.500 Hose assemblies. Paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d)(1) through (3) and (e)(1) through (3).

(11) Section 154.520 Closure devices.

(12) Section 154.530 Small discharge containment. Paragraphs (a)(1) through (3) and (d).

(13) Section 154.545 Discharge containment equipment.

(14) Section 154.550 Emergency shutdown.

(15) Section 154.560 Communications.

(16) Section 154.570 Lighting. Paragraphs (c) and (d).

(17) Section 154.700 General.

(18) Section 154.710 Persons in charge: Designation and qualification. Paragraphs (a) through (c), (d)(1) through (3), (d)(7) and (e).

(19) Section 154.730 Persons in charge: Evidence of designation.

(20) Section 154.735 Safety requirements. Paragraphs (d), (f), (g), (j)(1) through (2), (k)(1) through (2), (m), (o) through (q), (r)(1) through (3), (s) and (v).

(21) Section 154.740 Records. Paragraphs (a) through (f) and (j).

(22) Section 154.750 Compliance with Operations Manual.

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