9 CFR Subpart T - Imported Poultry Products

  1. § 381.195 Definitions; requirements for importation into the United States.
  2. § 381.196 Eligibility of foreign countries for importation of poultry products into the United States.
  3. § 381.197 Foreign inspection certificate requirements.
  4. § 381.198 Import inspection application.
  5. § 381.199 Inspection of poultry products offered for entry.
  6. § 381.200 Poultry products offered for entry, retention in customs custody; delivery under bond; movement prior to inspection; handling; facilities and assistance.
  7. § 381.201 Means of conveyance and equipment used in handling poultry products offered for entry to be maintained in sanitary condition.
  8. § 381.202 Poultry products offered for entry; reporting of findings to customs; handling of articles refused entry; appeals, how made; denaturing procedures.
  9. § 381.203 Products offered for entry; charges for storage, cartage, and labor with respect to products which are refused entry.
  10. § 381.204 Marking of poultry products offered for entry; official import inspection marks and devices.
  11. § 381.205 Labeling of immediate containers of poultry products offered for entry.
  12. § 381.206 Labeling of shipping containers of poultry products offered for entry.
  13. § 381.207 Small importations for consignee's personal use, display, or laboratory analysis.
  14. § 381.208 Poultry products offered for entry and entered to be handled and transported as domestic; entry into official establishments; transportation.
  15. § 381.209 Returned United States inspected and marked poultry products; exemption.

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