47 CFR § 74.780 - Broadcast regulations applicable to translators and low power stations.

§ 74.780 Broadcast regulations applicable to translators and low power stations.

The following rules are applicable to TV translator and low power TV stations:

(a) 47 CFR part 5—Experimental authorizations.

(b) 47 CFR 73.658—Affiliation agreements and network program practices; territorial exclusivity in non-network program arrangements.

(c) 47 CFR part 11—Emergency Alert System (for low power TV stations locally originating programming as defined by § 74.701(h)).

(d) 47 CFR 73.1030—Notifications concerning interference to radio astronomy, research, and receiving installations.

(e) 47 CFR 73.1206—Broadcast of telephone conversations.

(f) 47 CFR 73.1207—Rebroadcasts.

(g) 47 CFR 73.1208—Broadcast of taped, filmed, or recorded material.

(h) 47 CFR 73.1211—Broadcast of lottery information.

(i) 47 CFR 73.1212—Sponsorship identifications; list retention; related requirements.

(j) 47 CFR 73.1216—Licensee-conducted contests.

(k) 47 CFR 73.1515—Special field test authorizations.

(l) 47 CFR 73.1615—Operation during modification of facilities.

(m) 47 CFR 73.1635—Special temporary authorizations (STA).

(n) 47 CFR 73.1650—International agreements.

(o) 47 CFR 73.1680—Emergency antennas.

(p) 47 CFR 73.1692—Reserved.

(q) 47 CFR 73.1940—Legally qualified candidates for public office.

(r) 47 CFR 73.2080—Equal employment opportunities (for low power TV stations only).

(s) 47 CFR 73.3500—Application and report forms.

(t) 47 CFR 73.3511—Applications required.

(u) 47 CFR 73.3512—Where to file; number of copies.

(v) 47 CFR 73.3513—Signing of applications.

(w) 47 CFR 73.3514—Content of applications.

(x) 47 CFR 73.3516—Specification of facilities.

(y) 47 CFR 73.3517—Contingent applications.

(z) 47 CFR 73.3518—Inconsistent or conflicting applications.

(aa) 47 CFR 73.3519—Repetitious applications.

(bb) 47 CFR 73.3521—Mutually exclusive applications for low power TV and TV translator stations.

(cc) 47 CFR 73.3522—Amendment of applications.

(dd) 47 CFR 73.3525—Agreements for removing application conflicts.

(ee) 47 CFR 73.3533—Application for construction permit or modification of construction permit.

(ff) 47 CFR 73.3536—Application for license to cover construction permit.

(gg) 47 CFR 73.3538(a)(1), (3), and (4) and (b)—Application to make changes in an existing station.

(hh) 47 CFR 73.3539—Application for renewal of license.

(ii) 47 CFR 73.3540—Application for voluntary assignment or transfer of control.

(jj) 47 CFR 73.3541—Application for involuntary assignment of license or transfer of control.

(kk) 47 CFR 73.3542—Application for emergency authorization.

(ll) 47 CFR 73.3544—Application to obtain a modified station license.

(mm) 47 CFR 73.3545—Application for permit to deliver programs to foreign stations.

(nn) 47 CFR 73.3550—Requests for new or modified call sign assignments.

(oo) 47 CFR 73.3561—Staff consideration of applications requiring Commission action.

(pp) 47 CFR 73.3562—Staff consideration of applications not requiring action by the Commission.

(qq) 47 CFR 73.3564—Acceptance of applications.

(rr) 47 CFR 73.3566—Defective applications.

(ss) 47 CFR 73.3568—Dismissal of applications.

(tt) 47 CFR 73.3572—Processing of TV broadcast, low power TV, and TV translator station applications.

(uu) 47 CFR 73.3580—Local public notice of filing of broadcast applications.

(vv) 47 CFR 73.3584—Petitions to deny.

(ww) 47 CFR 73.3587—Informal objections.

(xx) 47 CFR 73.3591—Grants without hearing.

(yy) 47 CFR 73.3593—Designation for hearing.

(zz) 47 CFR 73.3594—Local public notice of designation for hearing.

(aaa) 47 CFR 73.3597—Procedures on transfer and assignment applications.

(bbb) 47 CFR 73.3598—Period of construction.

(ccc) 47 CFR 73.3601—Simultaneous modification and renewal of license.

(ddd) 47 CFR 73.3603—Special waiver procedure relative to applications.

(eee) 47 CFR 73.3612—Annual employment report (for low power TV stations only).

(fff) 47 CFR 73.3613—Availability to FCC of station contracts (network affiliation contracts for low power TV stations only).

[87 FR 58203, Sept. 23, 2022]