RULE 132.00.15-025 - Regulation 1027 Certification of Civil Traffic Wardens

RULE 132.00.15-025. Regulation 1027 Certification of Civil Traffic Wardens

(1) The Commission shall certify individuals deemed qualified to be Civil Traffic Wardens for the purpose of:

1. Issuing citations for parking violations occurring within the corporate Limits of a municipality of the first class; and

2. Preparing traffic accident reports and, in connection with any such reporting, issue any necessary traffic citations.

(2) Persons employed as Civil Traffic Wardens shall not carry firearms or take any other official law enforcement action except as prescribed by these regulations.

(3) No person shall serve as, be employed or otherwise function as a Civil Traffic Warden unless or until they have met the minimum standards as set forth in Regulation 1002(3).

(4) Prior to assuming the duties listed above, individuals must successfully complete a basic course developed by the employing agency.

(a) The basic course shall be known as the At-Scene Traffic Accident Investigation Course and contain a minimum of the following Instruction:

(i) Two (2) hours regarding the Principles of Accident Scene Management.

(ii) Six (6) hours regarding the Accident Report Form.

(iii) Eight (8) hours regarding Arkansas Traffic Laws.

(iv) Four (4) hours regarding Evidence Collection.

(v) Four (4) hours regarding Measurements and Diagramming.

(vi) Six (6) hours regarding Practical Exercise involving a Mock Traffic Accident.

(vii) A two-hour Final Examination.

(b) Candidates must be tested on each aspect of the At-Scene Traffic Accident Investigation course and obtain a minimum score of 75% prior to assuming the duties of a Civil Traffic Warden.

(5) In addition to meeting these minimum standards for employment, a municipality of the first class or the State Police may mandate local requirements such as written testing or other precursors to employment as desired for their jurisdiction.


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