137-52-045 - Expenses - Paid by inmate

137-52-045. Expenses - Paid by inmate

(1) The expenses of the escorted leave as enumerated in WAC 137-52-040 shall be reimbursed by the inmate or his/her immediate family unless the superintendent has authorized payment at state expense in accordance with WAC 137-52-050.

(2) Payments by the inmate, inmate's immediate family, or bonding company shall be made to the institution's business office and applied to the appropriate fund as defined by law, applicable provisions of the Washington Administrative Code, or department policy.

Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.380. 85-07-042 (Order 85-07), ยง 137-52-045, filed 3/19/85. Formerly WAC 275-85-045.

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