308-50A-007 - Use and care of endowment care funds

308-50A-007. Use and care of endowment care funds

Endowment care funds shall not be used for any purpose other than to provide, through income only, for the endowment care stipulated in the instrument by which the fund was established.

Endowment care funds shall be used solely for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of the cemetery, and shall be applied in such manner as the cemetery authority may from time to time determine to be for the best interest of the cemetery.

Only income and not principle from the endowment care funds may be used for the above described cemetery care.

Endowment care funds shall be kept separate and distinct from all assets of the cemetery authority. Endowment care principal shall remain inviolable and may not be reduced in any way not found within chapter 11.100 RCW.

(Adopted by WSR 20-09-031, Filed 4/6/2020, effective 5/7/2020)

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